What the hell?!

I’ve had a lot of people randomly walk up to me, tell me how much they liked my hair, ask me what I did to make it the way it was and call me all sorts of stuff like the green ranger, or the agent. Today’s experience: I look exactly like Allen Schezar from Escaflowne.


I swear I just saw your eyes move in that picture… O_o

From your avatar you remind me of this guy sasuke form naruto? Haven’t seen that anime though.

I say Sin is an anime character.

facepalm :fungah:

Let’s not forget eat man.

Hey Sin, you actually do look a lot like the Green/White Power ranger. Take a look.

Do you have Mighty Morphin’ powers? If so, do you use them for good or for awesome?

What the hell is Escaflowne? Maybe I’m out of the loop right now…

Sin shoulda been a woman.

Escaflowne is an anime, I think…I saw the show on Fox a while back.

You do look a bit like Tommy from Power Rangers though. Not much, but a bit.

I tried to stare at your eyes in the picture, because of the person who said that your eyes moved…and it gave me a creepy feel…like it was real…3D-ish or something.

Charl: if I won’t have sex with you now, I won’t then.



Some of these animes are too much of a head trip for me to comprehend.

“It’s Morphin’ Time!” Oh sorry…I couldn’t hold that one in…

Who told you you look like Allen?

But yeah, I see the resemblance. Especially now that your hair’s straight.

I’ve sorta had that happen to me once… except people said I looked like Ralphy from ‘A Christmas Story’ and I was all like ‘wtfno.’

Allen <3 ^^

Well Sin, be glad that the dude didn’t say you look like Folken (also Escaflowne). You’d never get rid of Poke >_>

And yes, there’s a resemblance to Sasuke’s looks. That’s not so bad, Sin my man, he’s one of them “best in his class”, cool dudes, and dead set on killing the man who wiped out his family.

Hmm… If your a power ranger that means you keep preventing me from taking over the world. Tsk tsk. I’m ashamed of you Sin,

Anyway… What did you do to your hair? And isn’t this the third thread that has been devoted to your hair ^.^

Sin you got it easy. You look like your Sprite. Are you aiming to run around with a sword, here:

Big Nutter

Bah. Sin’s badass in his own right. He doesn’t need to look like anyone at all!

… Oh, and BigNutter? Just shut up. In general, yes, it would be great if you permanently shut up, but in this case, he doesn’t look THAT much like his sprite, and what the hell is that map supposed to be of, anyway?

Take note of Sin’s Location and what’s in the center of that map.

Big Nutter
(You’ve won, yar)

Sin = one of the very few people in the world (let alone male!) whose hair I am EXTREMELY JEALOUS OF!!! :enguard: p:unch:: :enguard:

<i>Shite</i> your hair is awesome, Sin.

I liked the Alucard comparison better. >_>