What the hell, Japan?

I remember as a kid listening to this music while playing my games.

Later, I remember rocking to it when it was played by the Minibosses.

But, adding lyrics AND filling a concert hall? AND singing it shirtless with leather pants? WTF?

Failure to recognise song is a true fail as a gamer. No, I don’t know who the heck Oxenman is.

Wiley’s theme!

Also, it’s probably a weird spelling of Okkusenman, which is a song done to the aforementioned theme.

Make- that- camera- stand- fucking- still.

Seriously. How am I supposed to watch the video and discern some sense of Megaman-relatedness when it keeps rapidfire flashing every millisecond? Arrarrghlblargh.

I have a bit of an appreciation for those wild-ass Japan rock shows.

Like this one.

what the FUCK?

X-Japan is made of win.

I don’t think there’s any competition left for third most famous piece of VG music out there.

Though I did spend the entirety of that third video trying to figure out which gender that guitarist with the Angel Guitar belong too.

Shameful Edit: Thanks alot Kagato. That video had gotten me thinking on other horrible guitar designs, and right now all I can think about is if any guitarist is running around out there with a guitar shaped like a giant shlong with epic sized balls.

Fabricated, but cool.

Kagato: The guy in your vid has the GREATEST GUITAR I’VE EVER SEEN

Seconded, and I can only recognize a Gibson Flying V.

Thanks for the lolz. Would watch again.

Definitely a guy.

Damn, Japanese rock is crazy. So damn theatrical. Pretty awesome Megaman cover too.

I’m guessing the first is the Super Mario Bros song. I can’t seem to think of the second, though I’m sure it’ll be obvious in hindsight.

Anyway. Cool vid, sexy-awesome song.

I thought this thread was gonna be about <a href = “http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/13/world/asia/13fat.html?no_interstitial”>this</a>.

I’m gonna guess the tetris theme.

Those exceeding government limits — 33.5 inches for men and 35.4 inches for women,

So can anyone fill me in as to why men would have less leeway with their waistline then women? Otherwise lol this.

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I’m guessing the first is the Super Mario Bros song. I can’t seem to think of the second, though I’m sure it’ll be obvious in hindsight.
I’m gonna guess the tetris theme.

You were right about the first GG. The second would be the overworld theme from LoZ.

As for the main theme from Tetris, I have two reasons to suspect that it would not #3. First is due to the fact that Tetris is a licensed property, which quite frankly, would be too much of a hassle to deal with when one can just make their own clone. The second reason is that with the exception of the most recent incarnation which appeared on the DS there hasn’t been a prolific revisit to the series in ages. Many still own an older version and it’s just been a bunch of rehashes and ports.

Basically while casual gamers may be playing Tetris-ish games it doesn’t mean that they are playing Tetris or listening to Tetris’ main theme.

If they’re going to give a recommended waistline to people shouldn’t it also depend on their height? Not that there’s a lot of really tall japanese, but giving the same measurement to everyone doesn’t seem like a very good idea :open_mouth:


The mayor of one town in Mie, a prefecture near here, became so wrapped up in the anti-metabo campaign that he and six other town officials formed a weight-loss group called “The Seven Metabo Samurai.” That campaign ended abruptly after a 47-year-old member with a 39-inch waistline died of a heart attack while jogging.
IRONY! :smiley:

Otherwise known as “Wiifit: Tournament Edition.”

Millions [STRIKE]Many[/STRIKE] still own an older version and more are flocking under its banners every day [STRIKE]it’s just been a bunch of rehashes and ports.[/STRIKE]

That was an addictive game.

He wants to be the very best! Like no one ever was

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He will travel across the land, kicking far and wide! The F-Zero Racers! To understand! The Power that’s inside…


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Oh, no one’s His friend, In a world He must upend!


Gotta Punch’em all! Show Me your mooooooves!!!

His Knee will kill you too! He Knee’d me then He Knee’d you!


Gotta smash em aaaaaaaall! Gotta smash em aaaaaaaall!


Now THAT hurt!