What the hell is wrong with Dominions (grocer)?!

I just bought two bottles of alcoholic beverage. I am 3 years under the age minimum to purchase alcohol in my province, and they didn’t ask for I.D. or anything. I didn’t even know it was alcoholic 'til I tasted it. The worst thing about it is, I found it on the middle shelf in the pop department in Dominions. What the fuck? Dominions. A regular grocery store. Any little kid can easy go and pick one up, and like buy it. I mean, what the fuck?

Are you absolutely sure it’s alcoholic? It could just taste bad.

5%alc/vol it says on the bottle. And it also says “Light lager”.

Send it to me; I’ll drink it if you’re not going to. >_>

The legal drinking age is a suggestion in Canada.

I guess they trust people not to break the law.

I’d probably not purchase it. If I would have known it was alcoholic, I’d not have purchased it anyways.

Sin, what do you mean?

I kind of doubt you did that, since it’s illegal to sell alcohol in a store in Ontario unless it is your main focus of business.

EDIT I know I’m going to get contested on this, so edit in here. A store within a store is legally allowed to sell liquor. That’s why you can occasionally find a winery on the way out of the grocery store by the lotto tickets and other crap. If they could sell it in the store, they would.

You crazy teenagers and your drinking of alcohol.

So you had no clue that it was alcoholic? You were just like “hay new pop,” and you bought it?

oh man oh man you have alcohol??? you are such a badass

yeah, and he didn’t even care enough to check that it was alcohol!
god he’s awesome.

Whoa! Here in the UK. Since Neopoilian times, we have made it illegeal for any one to surply any child between 5 and 16 or 18 (I’m not sure, I started drinking on my 19th brithday), Unless given by a Doctor and with a medical reason. Some Told me that kids in my area at the time were getting drunk and since they where processing gunpowder… several deaths occoured to explotions…

I like the Russans since they cause the down fall of all who invade… when they don’t invade England…

There’s nothing confusing about what I said. I trust you aren’t retarded enough to not understand what I said in the context of what happened to you.

Nah, it was more like “hay new carbonated beverage!,” and bought it.

They’ve had alcoholic beverages in grocery stores before. I found wine coolers when I was your age. Besides, someone else probably just changed their mind about buying it and left it there.

Sin: I never knew it was only a suggestion. They’ve always carded me.

Maybe the alcohol age limit is a suggestion in Quebec, but it’s certainly not in British Columbia. The liquor stores here require that you have atleast two pieces of ID, one has to be photo, and both have to have your signature on it. Now, I’ve purchased alcohol several times while not being IDed, but that was still while I was 19 and had the ID on me. So yeah, I highly doubt it’s a suggestion in all of Canada.

As for your alcoholic purchase… uh yeah… way to go… or something. Why the hell do they have alcoholic beverages in a grocery store? This isn’t Germany… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been carded once since I was 14.

Grocery stores in a wet county in America almost always have a liquor section. Some are one side of an entire aisle, some are only half. I don’t think I’ve ever seen stuff like vodka sold, but there’s plenty of beer and various types of wine.

Grocery stores and even pharmacies sell liquor in southern California.