What the hell is this?

<IMG SRC=“http://shadowtribe.org/v-web/bulletin/bb/images/avatars/112722527943d412cae5e01.gif”>

I’ve seen it on our forum before, and on others, and a friend of mine is using it on his forum, and he has decided that I’m in charge of learning its origin. Thus, I ask the panel.

Thats a good question. That damn thing has been bothering me for YEARS.

It’s shaped like a dingaling :stuck_out_tongue:

Shinobi had (has?) it as an avatar if I’m not wrong. Perhaps he knows?


I don’t think anyone really knows what it is.

I can’t help but laugh every time I see it.

With that remark, you made me look at the screen all tilty and think perverse things while looking. Then I giggled when I realized what I was doing.

Therefore I win!

It’s a monster in Ragnarok Online.

edit: I think

That’s hot.

It looks like a retarded dinosaur. D:

Surely this thing must have an origin… >_>

So, my friend who has it has decided that it’s a symbol of authority. Thus, people on their forum who misbehave get this avatar:

<IMG SRC=“http://shadowtribe.org/v-web/bulletin/bb/images/avatars/84.gif”>

All I could do when I saw that last post is gape and yell “OH MY GOD!” I’m still gaping. I feel a little…violated…seeing that.


I know it isn’t an RO monster. What I don’t know is what the hell it IS.

I always thought it was some myspace inside joke since my sister had it saved on her computer.

Please pass this message to your friend: Dude, you are awesome.

I’ve also been wondering where the hell that damn thing comes from.

It’s an artist’s rendering of our new alien overlords.

It is Shinobi.