What the heck is Megaman?

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with RPGs whatsoever, but that doesn’t seem to stop anybody else. <Coughcough Doug Avatar Week Coughcough>

I just bought Megaman Legends for like six bucks at a Shopko and managed to finish the crappy little game in under two hours. It would have taken less but loading times are atrocious.

But anyway, back to my question. Just what the hell is Megaman?
YES. I know he is a robot in all the previous games and in the Megaman X series, but in Megaman Legends he is found as a baby and raised by Barrel Casket. Then at the end he is revealed to be a robot by Megaman Juno I think.
I’m confused. So he starts out as a baby and somehow ages but is still a robot?
Did his armor grow with him or something or can he take it off?
And if you find a baby, what in the world would possess you to name it Megaman?

There’s <i>A SPOILER TAB FOR A FUCKING REASON.</i> plzkthx

<a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Man_Legends”>Megaman Legends</a>

This thread sucks. Hard.

Well then it is a good thing you posted in it! Jeez…

I’m pretty sure he is all robot under that armor, maybe they mean a baby robot of some kind?

Spoiler for the first game:Megaman Volnutt (Who’s real name is Megaman Trigger) is a biotechnological nanomachine construct. In easier terms, he’s made of a bazillion very VERY tiny machines that act as molecules, so he is sort of a biological creature on the organic level. The armor is just a digger suit.

Spoiler for the second game: He was created by Sera under the Master’s orders for two purposes. First of all, he was meant to be the head of the Purifier Units (The equivalent of a Maverick Hunter for this era). Second, he was created without emotion inhibitors (Like a normal Carbon) to be the Master’s “friend”. In the end, under the deceased Master’s orders, he tried to destroy his own civilization and was labeled as an “aberrant” (The rampant robots he was created to destroy) and chased down by the two heads of Elsyum, the Earth Mother Yuna and the Sky Mother Sera. Yuna later on understood his purpose and stopped chasing him, but in the fight between Sera and Trigger they both ended up heavily injured and were sealed in energy capsules by Yuna. Trigger was left buried in a ruin under Nino Island while Sera was sealed in Forbidden Island.

Legends is great, why didn’t you take the time off to have fun with all the sidequests? Or explore all the ruins?

Zero is my favorite. I like his weapons, and his attitude.

He has an attitude. I thought he just broke shit and looked like a woman! =P. Actually, Zero’s one of my favourite MM characters, too.

SE basically said all there is to say about Megaman’s nature.

While “Megaman” is also used by Elsyum as a name for higher-class units like Trigger and Juno, it was Roll Casket who gave him that name from a show she used to watch. Said show is no other than the adventures of the original Megaman, which you can see on the TV of the bar in Calinca Island

It’s just a joke, no need to put much thought into it. It just wouldn’t have been a Megaman game if the blue guy had another name.

Also, remember, this is a translation: His name is actually Rock/Rockman. Also, remember that this is in the future; is there any reason to believe that the names used would stay the same.

How about Megaman 4? He had a human-robot transformation then, yet all mechanical in the other games?

This pertains only to the original series (1-8):
I think you are misinterpreting the story. It tells how Dr. Light created Mega (or “Rock”) as one among the first of a series of robots to have true AI and feel emotions. Protoman being the first. When he created “Rock” and “Roll” they were created as AI children that he never had. After Mega’s creation, the first 5 “robot masters” were made as worker bots to serve humanity. Gutsman, Cutman, Elecman, Flameman, and Iceman. Dr. Light’s old partner Dr. Wily for some reason or another was crazy and stole Dr. Light’s creations then reprogramed them to serve him and used them to begin taking over the world.

In response to this, Dr. Light reprogramed and redesigned Rock into the fighting robot and world savior he is known as today in Megaman 1-8 and from there on was called Megaman (or Rockman if you like the less cool name).

Point: There was no Boy to Robot transformation in Megaman 4. There was only a flashback to the original story of HOW he changed from the household “boy bot” into the Super Fighting Robot Megaman