What the fuck is with gas prices, people?

Buy a bike like me and get in shape and save money. :smiley:

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What on earth are you complaining about? That’s the norm in Europe and much less than the norm in Norway. Ditch the SUV/American and buy a hybrid, or take the bus like me. Problem solved.

Hybrids are worse there wasting water… Water that we need!!
and in a few years all car will run on corn and orange peels. only like 20 american cents for a gallon…It was on the freakin news

I’m going to develop a fuel system where automobiles run on bitching and complaining. It would be free.

Hades will be the #1 exporter of said fuel.

They also exhaust water. It doesn’t vanish.

You’re thinking of hydrogen fuel cell cars. Current hybrid cars use regular gas along with electric power cells. They still emit regular exhaust, just lower amounts of it.

Everyone move to kansas, its about $2.60 per gallon.

No. That would be you.

I know it’s the “in” thing to make fun of Setz for every thread he makes, but if you’re going to call him an idiot you could at least try to ask the question. It’s a legitimate question and I’m sure most people in America and Canada still don’t understan. Let me try to quickly explain.

When you go to fill up your tank with gas, you are not actually paying for the price of gas today. You are paying for the price of gas six or seven years from now. You see, the major gas companies purchase their oil supplies on the open commodoties market. On this market, you can buy guaranteed oil supplies up to about 5 or 6 years in the future. So right now, you could purchase guaranteed crude oil delivery in 2011 or 2012. However, in 2011 or 2012, we’re pretty sure that refined oil supplies are not going to increase. At best, they will stay the same and they might even decrease. With conflict in the middle east these days, who knows what the oil supply is going to be like 5 or 6 years from now. Therefore, it is fucking expensive as hell right now ($70+ a barrel) to buy oil delivery 5 or 6 years from now. The oil companies must raise the prices at the pump in order to pay for the inordinately high oil prices 5 or 6 years from now. So why does Venezuela have such cheap oil? Well, because they have one of the world’s largest known oil reserves right in the ground, and the oil company is state-owned. Therefore, they have all the guaranteed oil they want to pump right out of the ground, and they can make up for the losses selling it cheap in their own country by selling it for ridiculous prices around the rest of the world. Got it?

Also, if you want to decrease the price of oil futures, really the only way to do it is not to boycott oil companies or tell congress to pass laws saying that such and such price is the highest price you can pay for oil. If you do that, they’ll just sell all their oil to China instead. All you can really do is decrease your own domestic demand. Ride the bus, buy more fuel efficient cars, move closer to work. The less oil you demand, the less power the oil companies have to fuck you.

Edit: oil futures were also a key factor in Southwest Airlines massive success. They bought a fuckton of oil futures many years back for a ridiculously low price while the rest of the airlines simply bought their oil as they needed it. Of course, Southwest’s oil futures are running out, so in a few years we’ll see if they collapse under bankruptcy like the rest of them.

Take that communist/terrorist/whatever we’re fighting this week-ist talk elsewhere. Personal Responsibility is Unamerican. Freedom means having our cake and eating it too, and pouting and crying foul when we don’t get to.

[Zep is spot on the mark here, by the way; read closely and be better informed. Also, this WILL be on the final.]

My point was that they don’t consume water. They simply consume less gas. I thought they used hydrogen fuel cells in hybrids?

Hybrid cars do not use hydrogen fuel cells. They use a combined internal combustion engine (that’s what uses the gasoline) with a recharageable battery, usually of the NiMH variety. Yes, that’s the same kind of rechargable battery that powers your cell phone and digital camera. At low power requirements, the car runs almost compeltely on the battery, and while the power requirements go up, the engine starts to draw more power from the ICE. Thus, since the car is drawing part of its power from a battery, it uses less fuel. At high speeds, however, say 55+, the car runs almost completely off of the ICE, so while on the highway you won’t get much better mileage than a normal car (though hybrids are generally smaller anyway so use less gas), but for city driving you can double or triple your mileage. As for how the battery recharges itself? It usually draws most of its energy when you brake…harnessing all that wasted energy and converting it into usable energy. Pretty cool stuff actually.

As for that guy who said hybrids are wasting water…well either he’s trolling or I want whatever he’s smoking.

Try and beat ahem…$3.06 A GALLON!!!

The fact that hybrids are both is proof that global warming will only get worse. It is obvious thatit will happen if we dont scrap most fuel for vehicles all together.Where I live, it usually is about 60-70 degrees. I know that it being 87 degrees (F) is easy for most of you, but my county has not gone over 100 degrees until George Bush and his idiocy took over. It sounds odd, but he can control the climate with the oil policies he uses. If is were ONLY hot, it would be fine. But the great lakes make the humidity at about 100%. I could smell the fish from the marena about 10 miles north.

Try and beat ahem…$3.06 A GALLON!!!

Read 984’s first post in this thread.

cries… I…made a …miastake?.. Me?..I was supposed to be …perfect…

Your edit made my head hurt.

Hybrid cars are a result of current rends. Not proof of a result.

I’ll leave the Bush comment as satire.

Even here, gas prices are rising. ;o; the tickets for some of the buses cost more, and beijing is planning to raise all cab prices to 2 yuan by some time this month (so far they were 1.20 or 1.60). DT took the opportunity to whine about it and ask her dad for a raise. <3

Re: high gas prices, Zep is right on the money.
Also, some pundits blame OPEC for the current situation.
OPEC controls 40 percent of the world’s oil supply and its member countries hold two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves. All the private, independent oil companies (Shell, Chevron etc) in the world own 20 percent of the world’s oil, so their impact on the market is not as significant as OPEC’s.

In 2004 Saudi Arabian-based Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, produced 9 million barrels of oil per day even though it owned 24 percent of the world’s reserve, 259 billion barrels. The company’s daily production is just .003 percent of its reserve.
By comparison, Exxon Mobil, the largest U.S. oil company, pumped 2.5 million barrels daily, .019 percent, of its 12.85 billion barrel reserve in 2004.
So you can see that those Saudi bastards are keeping us oil thirsty :wink:
But even if they increase oil output, those fabulous reserves would dry out eventually.

Meanwhile the supplies can barely keep up with the ever-growing demand, fewer and fewer major new oil fields are discovered each year and…
Armageddon is near.

Agree. This is also a sound pro-environment strategy.
But I am still buying shares of oil companies :wink:

Yeah i’ve heard people say that the Saudis try to “choke” the rest of the world by not pumping “as much as they should”, but isn’t it possible that they only have the infrastructure to pump .003%? Are they really pumping a small amount with malicious intentions, or are they just doing the best they can?