What the fuck is with gas prices, people?

We should all move to Venezuela and enjoy the 85 bolivar per liter gas prices. 1$ Canadian is like, I don’t know, off the top of my head 1200-1300 bolivars. For 1$, it’s like 3/4th a tank of fucking gas!

It’s fucking crazy having the fucking gas prices at like 1.20$/liter. I realize there is a supposed gas shortage (yeah, right), but having increasing prices like this is just not fucking right. I remember when like a liter of gas down in Toronto was like 50-60 cents.

I mean, is there some fucking magical dust in the oil in Iraq that it has to cost a fucking arm and leg per tank. Does it make your car level up or something? Fuck, just get your god damn gas from south america.

I realize both America and Venezuela are different (Venezuela is like a time machine for games, :P), but come on. You’re right fucking there next to them; instead of going overseas for gas, just hop over the fence right behind your fucking house.


<a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_Green” target="_blank">2022 is drawing ever so close.</a>

You’re HELLA dumb. One dollar is nothing, it’s 3.20 here.

You’re fucking stupid for not reading liter. For you it’s gallon, you american guy you.

He’s paying $1.20 Canadian per liter. You’re paying $3.20 American per gallon. He’s paying (not rounding yet) $4.54224 Canadian per gallon. When taking conversion rates into account, he’s paying about $4.11 American per gallon. So actually, he’s paying more than you. Units, aren’t they a bitch?

Texas is like 2500 miles away from Venezuela, it would take 400 dollars in gas just to get there and I don’t think they would let you buy an oil tankers worth to bring back to the US without you paying some insane taxes. Even if we had some teleporter and we could do that, they would just raise the price to meet the demand.

Hey look it’s a Setz thread

What on earth are you complaining about? That’s the norm in Europe and much less than the norm in Norway. Ditch the SUV/American and buy a hybrid, or take the bus like me. Problem solved.

Over here, about 1.33 €uros per liter. That’s $1.69 per liter

And since it’s summer, I ride my bike to work, 30 minutes there, 30 minutes back here. I drive a 1.1liter Fiat Punto. Doesn’t guzzle much.

Your stupidity and lack of ability to inform yourself to provide yourself with the proper information so that you wouldn’t make yourself look as stupid is , as always, remarkable. Please detach yourself from your testicles before anything bad happens.

I’ll gladly pay $10 for the copyright to that insult. :slight_smile:

And OT, I live in Britain, everywhere’s more or less within walking distance (<5 miles/8km) :slight_smile:

I’d LOVE to ditch my car and take the bus, but the transit system in Toronto is awful… except on the biggest routes, the buses can take half an hour to show up, and there aren’t very many routes at all. It takes me an hour to get to York University by bus/subway; it takes me fifteen minutes by car.
I still take the bus, because parking fees are ridiculous, but it chops two hours off every day of my life. 8-\

It takes me an hour and a half. And I take the major routes. If the Sheppard subway hadn’t been built, it’d probably take me 2 hours to get to York.

My friends got around the parking problem by sharing the pass. It just happened thast their schedules matched up perfectly so they just hand it off after their classes.

Not an option when you’re there all day every day. ^^; And getting a parking pass for myself is also ridiculous - $400 a semester not counting gas.

We’re getting oil from iraq? News to me.

Almost seventy percent of Venezuelans are below the poverty line. Compare that to Canada, where it’s about fifteen percent. Yeah. Let’s move to Venezuela so that we can enjoy the low prices on everything. -_-

shut up plz :frowning:

And what’s the deal with airline food? …yeah, I got nothing.

Just last week it was $3.95 a fucking gallon here. That’s so stupid.

Here’s another topic on gas, since I’m curious and I’m currently uninformed…‘Gas Companies’ have been under ‘Review’ for quite a long time now. What do you guys think? Will this ‘review’ change anything? My bro tells me that reviewing stuff won’t change anything, and that they’re just doing it to appease us. Considering how long it’s taken, I’m leaning towards what he’s saying, but my brother can be notoriously wrong on some things…Opinions/information, anyone?

It’s hovering around $2.90/gal here. >.>