Good GOD! This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard in my life.

It’d be really cool to have. :\

I think I might try to get a copy

So download the damn thing a week before it comes out and be done with it. It’s probably not that much different from the near zero distribution most of their games get.

The difference being that most of the games that they release wouldn’t sell a whole lot if they printed a whole lot. Growlanser could easily sell a good amount of copies, because it’s not such a fucking niche game. So, what does Atlus do? Well, they find a way to MAKE it niche - by making sure that it costs more than it should, and making sure that almost no one has a copy. It’s like Atlus doesn’t wanna make money, or release games in the U.S that anyone enjoys.

Fuck that for a game of soldiers. I may hate this more than “limited edition” candy and soda, if such a deep hatred is possible.

Satoshi “Plastic Boobs” Urushihara does game artwork?

So far, for every entry in the Growlanser series (and for this development team’s previous works - Langrisser), yeah, he’s done all the artwork.

…why the hell would a dev team go through all the trouble to make a game that a vast majority of people can’t legally play? O.o?

Cult status and possibly defiance against mass production (ironically done with an object that is commonly mass produced). Not everything has to be about making a dollar, especially when you’re already an established company.

Still…seems like such a waste of time and resources. :confused:

I’m pretty sure that this cough atrocity of gaming cough doesn’t require capitalized swearing in extreme exclamation in the thread name.

:wave: Just FYI

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“We are pleased to be able to offer Growlanser fans this special release,” said Mason Hyodo, Project Lead. “This is a series long known for its exceptional fan service, and we have endeavored to create a package that Growlanser followers will be proud to own and display. As a result of the quantity of the extras that will be included with every copy of the game, we have decided to limit the title’s release to a single print run. Growlanser: Heritage of War will be a true Limited Edition game.”

They pretty much said they are going to limit the supply because of “exceptional fan service” in order to please the fans. I can understand how having very few copies can make a fan proud to own a game, but considering some fans will never get the game, it is ironic that they say that the limited supply supposedly caused by the ton of extras will please the fans. Hopefully they are just bluffing and really plan to make more copies if demand is great enough.

This is also funny, considering that all copies of Persona 3 are being shipped with extras, and then there’s even a collector’s box that probably has more extras.

Seriously, fuck Atlus.

Video games in general are a waste of time and resources. What is your point? Now, that may be a bold statement to make, especially in a video game thread in a video game forum in a video game website… but it’s true. I think it’s funny that every one is calling this crazy, because no one does this sort of thing. I personally find it pretty awesome, and if you really want the game then you’d go out of your way to get it. If you don’t, then it wasn’t worth much to you in the first place, hence the waste of time and resources.

So is music, literature and everything else that isn’t food or shelter.

Yes, not that radical an idea. The thing is, with few copies hovering around, they will end up to whoever values them most, as the transaction costs are low (eBay) [Coase theorem]. As consumers we care most about having the maximum consumer’s surplus, i.e. having the lowest price, so that more people can take advantage of it. Atlus is interested in max profit, which supposedly the rise in price + new features will bring.

/economics mode off

edit: yeah, I forgot my point. So, Gila, the price of the game affects your decision to buy it or not. So your sentence should read “then it wasn’t worth that much to you”. Gamers will agree with you (in the narrow sense) anyway, as they want to pay for a game and not for the paraphernalia.

Precisely! Glad we’re on the same wavelength. :hahaha;

I could have said that, but it’s a tad obvious.

Either way, this game looks like a fine candidate for pirating, if it’s still possible with systems now a days(I don’t stay on top of these things).

Atlus is releasing the new Growlanser games? What happened to Working Designs? I thought they were doing well.

Until they died, yeah.

Too many niche games and holofoil covers. :frowning:

Anyway this whole limited edition thing could just be a ploy since a company’s profits are determined mostly by when they sell their games. If retailers sell it at full price while it inhabits the shelves both the company and the retailer makes a profit if a used game made three years ago is bought only the retailer makes a profit thus the need to sell quickly, and nothing sell quicker than a limited edition (with exception to a highly anticipated game).

I still regret getting FF XII SE when it first came out (for three reasons even). First, because it dropped $10 bucks in price within two months of it’s release. Second, because of the recently announced Zodiac Job Edition restoring what Squeenix left out of the original making me feel like I own an incomplete version. And lastly, because of the number of problems making the game not only feeling incomplete but over-priced too (Things I wouldn’t have minded too much about except for the afore mentioned re-release correcting them). Don’t get me wrong though while I have reasons to lament my purchase of FF XII that’s not to say that there wasn’t any reason not to get it when I did.