what the crap it is SNOWING


What the HELL, world! ::dekar!::

Global warming… :no2::hahaha;:fungah::booster::smug:

As a Canadian, I scoff at this post.

Seriously, do we have this thread every single year?


It’s not snowing yet here but it’s supposed to this week. Everything was frosty this morning. BI

Nevermind snow. I’ve been under the same darkness for a full week now. I feel as if this land is going to vanish right out from under my feet (unless some young intrepid travelers pass by, and soon). :hint:


I wish I had snow about now. It’s been fucking raining, wet, humid, and all sorts of other shit around here. Texas weather is so fucking random, it’s ridiculous. Like it was 73 degrees last night when I went to work. About 4 hours later, it went up 10 degrees and got humid as hell.

On the plus side, I just saw the sun today. Haven’t really seen it in the last two weeks or so.

Please update your bookmarks to Climate change.

If you browse your house and feel like only two items (max) are useful to you right now, it’s time to start worrying.

On the other hand it got so warm here at noon I had to change my tshirt when I returned home. Shivering at 6a.m. with a sweater on is another story.

In my house it seems to be freezing cold from about 11 PM till 9 AM, normal from 9 AM till 10:30, then boiling hot from 10:30 till 7:00, then normal again until 11:00. I have to go between sweaters and scarfs to rolled-up sleeves within the course of a single day.

Insulation fail?

Or just a shitty vent system

I’unno. The problem is that it’s not quite cold enough for full-on heating but too cold to leave it off. I think we do have a problem with the heating system upstairs though.

Thermostat. Its great.

Oh please quit you’re whining! I still remember when we had the “October Suprise” three years ago. I didn’t have any power for a week! That was torture and possibly the worst week of my life.

Snow in October seems pretty standard. Back home, it was pretty common, its snowed last October when I was here, in RI, and it’s probably going to snow in October here, this year, too.

I went about 4 days without power one time, but I have a psp and a car charger for it.

Ya know, Georgia had been in a pretty awful draught these past five or so years. About middle of this past summer it started to pour, and it really hasn’t quite let up. I mean sure, it’s stopped raining, but the flooding hasn’t stopped because they sun hasn’t been out so the ground is still saturated. If it snowed everything, literally, would freeze.

You were a lucky SOB :hahaha;.