What the best thing you like about Chrono Trigger

I like Chrono,Magus,Ilya and.The spells equipment weapons

… Marle ^.~

The characters personalities, and the Rainbow Edge.


The music and Marle’s kick-ass double techs. Antipode 1-3 and Cube Toss are the best.

Polling Forum is two blocks down. And it’s Magus of course.

Pretty colors. =D

What I love most about Chrono Trigger are polling threads in the polling forum :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: -_-

And what I like most about Sinistral is when instead of bitching about a thread being in the wrong forum and closing it, he just moves the thread to the correct forum!!! =D =D =D =D =D

Wait, has that ever even happened? -_-

Yeah, didn’t we agree on just moving threads instead of locking a while back?

are they?

Reasons I like Chrono Trigger:

-The Music
-Multiple endings
-A mute protagonist
-And last but not least, Magus

-the music
-the gameplay
-the story
-the characters
-the music
-uhh… the music

An excellent storyline, colourful characters, easy but fascinating gameplay, secrets, multiple endings, and lovely music.

Replayability mostly. That and I love all the characters.

Other than the fact that there’s an OVA out now for it, (That was frickin’ HILARIOUS, BTW) I’d have to go with the flow and say Magus. And his theme.

Well, I have to say there isn’t something I don’t like about Chrono Trigger.

But my favorite thing about the game is the characters.

[opinion’d]It spawned a half hearted sequel, though.[/opinion’d]

I loved the music, and well, the uh… music.

Time travel.

In most other games it makes no sense at all, and this game is no exception.

the main hero dies and you don’t HAVE to revive him…