What spell in any FF do you hate most

So what spell do you hate most and why? I said “spell” because it is more dangerous than a physical attack with effects

W Wind. Fuck W Wind.
I cast it and it never, ever hits enemies, but it always hits my guys. Then it shits on the coats.


1 damage. Woo~

Goner (Kefka, FFVI) would be a nice spell if it actually did anything. I love the visual effect but it’s so weak! :frowning:

In FF9 ‘Roulette’ It mostly selects you and there’s 0% chance od evading it so your character dies anyways. Even with auto-life, it’s a waste of mana or potions to heal them.

I also hate Doom or Death, the enemy has a super high accuracy on this and when you cast it, it barely hits =(

I really hate ‘Jet fire’, Tiramat usually casts it when you least expect it and it inflicts heat on all your char.

But the only things I hate most are the effects that makes your char. stop gaining exp. unless my char. is lv 99

Roulette has never hit me in the whole entire time I played Final Fantasy IX. I guess I have better luck than you do :stuck_out_tongue: .:cool:

I dislike Doom and Death too, but I really hate poision, or any other status affecting magic. Also Comet and Meteor, they never hit for me:bowser:

Beta FFVII I try to get it and I just never seem to get it casted on my Enemy Skill Character.

You need to wait quite awhile to get that I believe, but for early game Beta would be it for me.

I never ran into too much trouble with Roulette, Death, or Doom either. Battles were usually over before it led to trouble. I started not liking Super Nova after a while, just because it took 1:30 to do. Northern (or is it Southern?) Cross gives me the cold pricklies too.

Beta gets cast on all characters.

I think he means that he isn’t getting the skill in enemy skill, since his characters keep dieing.