What should they (Sony) improve from the PS2, to the PS3?

Yeah, I’ve decided to pick up Chrono Cross again, and actually attempt to complete it this time. How does this relate to the topic, you might ask? It’s simple.

I’ve had Chrono Cross for a while now, about 2 years, and I’ve loved the game. The soundtrack, some of the 41 characters, and even the plot. I had gotten pretty far too. I stopped playing at Time Devourer, on that flying castle-tower thing, 'cause the boss was tremendously difficult.

Well, a while back, about 3 months, I accidentally deleted my Chrono Cross file of about 50 hours. I didn’t think it was that bad, 'cause I was sure I had another file of some relative distance from the point I was on my many memory cards, but nope. Not one file.

I didn’t bother to take it back up, 'cause I can’t stand replaying a game. I mean, I stopped Xenogears, 'cause I got stuck, and couldn’t go back; and I didn’t want to go through the whole beginning again. So, this is a weakness of mine. Hell, same for some other games too, like Legend of Dragoon.

Here is where it all ties in: what do you think could improve the PS3 from the PS2? I know they’ll have many features avaliable only on the PS3, but what is your view?

I, for one, think they should have a built-in memory unit, included with a Recycle Bin. So, if you delete something by accident, it’d be easily restorable. Besides, isn’t the Playstation 2 & 3 s’pose to be a computer entertainment system?

They could make the PS3 have 4 controller ports.

There is very little to improve beyond raw processing power, graphics and the like. I’m not terribly exited about the next-next-nextgen consoles. We’re already in good looking 3D, give me Virtual Reality please.

What TD says. Beyond graphics, I really can’t imagine what else could the new consoles have that isn’t already in the PS2/Cube/Box.

Setz, there is a funny little trinket you might want to try, it’s called “Saving in separate slots and not mashing buttons like a gorilla”. The saving system is perfectly functional as long as you know how to use it.

And I can’t imagine what could be so hard about that boss. It’s not possible to be underleveled in CC as far as I know.

Give me good fucking gameplay, please.

That’s something that needs to be stuffed in the games, not the hardware it runs on, though. But fully agreed.

Thank you Sir.

They need 2 more controller slots, for 4 player games. Geez, PS2 is so behind for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why either. My party always consisted of Karsh, Serge, and Grobyc, from the point I acquired Grobyc, to well, Time Devourer. I’m still a bit lost to the levelling system, even on my second attempt at the game. I mean, every boss yields a high stats bonus, be it HP, STR, DEF, etcetera. But, the few battles after the stat bonus, you still gain some, but minimal. Then it just stops completely. I don’t know if I’m missing something.

The extra slots are coming to make the ps3 more competitive. I’d be surprised if it didn’t have the extra slots. Processing power will go up, duh. However, that’s not going to make things that much more phenomenal. The only big jump left for the industry is go into VR. The last big jump was from 2D to 3D. Its only a matter of refining at this point. Hard drives might become more common, so might online capabilities depending on how they feel like exploiting north america like the MS has with the XBox. There’s very little original left for anyone to do. While this is a developer situation, it really will become a point of who has the good games and how well can this affordably (for both themselves and the peopel) lure people that already tie themselves to another company.

Good news for us I guess, if they no longer can boast about having the best console then they will have no other choice but to try to release the best games and giving the best service.

I just had this discussion with someone else recently, but I’m not at all looking forward to VR. You get VR, several genres die, including console RPGs. Any VR game would have to be played through a first-person perspective. Third-person games, gone. Forever. Console RPGs would be gone, if not just for the perspective issue (you could still have games like Morrowind), you’d have the problem of only being one person, and therefore not being able to have a party.

So you people can take your virtual reality (and your MMOs for that matter), I’m keeping my 2D, or at the very most, long range hologram produced games, and I’ll continue to play them with a controller from a very long distance (several feet).

As for improvements in the next generation? Well, my wish list includes:

<UL><LI>Wireless Controllers, all rechargable</LI>
<LI>Hard drives, or some other internal storage</LI>
<LI>DVD Playback</LI>
<LI><I>At least</I> four controller ports</LI>
<LI>Network/modem support</LI>
<LI>(From Nintendo:) DS support (preferably wirelessly)</LI>
<LI>Little-to-no load times</LI>
<LI>Widescreen/Progressive Scan support</LI>
<LI>DVI Support (please!)</LI>
<LI>Backwards compatability</LI></UL>

None of those are unattainable; all of them are currently supported by at least one of the current systems, other than rechargable wireless and DVI support. But, a guy can dream, can’t he?

You mentioned Backwards Compatability? I don’t understand.

Untrue. You don’t have to be in the perspective of the PCs, you could just be some floating entity of sorts that observes the events. Like the ultimate free-look camera.

Exactly. Virtual Reality doesn’t mean you like, control all the stuff with your mind, which’d require you to use first-person; you could still use a controller. But, even then, I think first-person’d be awesome for many games. Especially survival horror.

Um… VR would not get rid of RPGs… it would do the opposite… It would make them what they’ve always strived to be. Who wouldn’t want to fight alongside flamboyant characters in a holodeck-like room on different worlds? If you think VR would kill RPGdom, uh… I think you’re just a little bit mistaken. It’d make RPGs pretty much the only existing genre aside from FPS.

An ATB VR system would SUCK SO MUCH :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it would.

That’s what I’m talking about. And having an over the shoulder camera in VR would make things very dizzying.

You know, the ability to play the previous platform’s games, ie PSX on PS2 or GBA on NDS. I’d like to see PS3 support PS2 (and PSX, if possible), Xbox Next (or whatever) support Xbox, and Revolution support GCN.