What should I play tonight?

This is importaint!

Go with sonic it won’t leave you with a feeling of hopeless despair. ( I’m not saying resident evil 4 is bad just ridiculously depressing.) Also you don’t have to wait for it to load.

:moogle: Importaint?

I vote zombies, given my perverse attraction to them.

Sonic it’s mondo fun.

Your pants.


The winner

If you’re playing at night, Resident Evil all the way.

Turn off the lights too.

I ended up playing Sonic, I got to the Mystic Cave Zone and the Labyrinth Zone before I quit.

I got 3 of the chaos emeralds in sonic 1, and only one in Sonic 2 (I also chose the option “sonic alone”). Twas a good night, thank you rpgclassics.com for your help.