What not to tell bio majors

"Hello Everyone,

Your Bio 108 Midterm scores will be posted on eee very soon. "

-Dr. Salme Taagepera, PhD

See, now I feel like I’m part of a gigantic psychology experiment. I wonder if the number of times I reload my e3 page to get my bloody grade is being monitored, like how they measured the frequency at which rats would press a switch to get some form of pleasure inducing drug in older psychology experiments. The thing is, a lot of bio majors get really anxious about their grades. I usually don’t give a damn but I worked for this one so I wanna see how I did god dammit.

… and here I was thinking that someone told the bio majors that evolution was crap and that the world really was created in six days, wink wink. =)

Nah, that’d be what not to tell this bio major. We have some religious conservative zealots at my university, you’d be amazed, Vick.

We get our bio tests handed back in lab. It doesn’t help that the guy across and over from me who tends to act like a complete moron got a 98 and I got… considerably less.

Welcome to life. Not fair, no.

Ah well. What can you do? BEsides destroy the world?

Hack into the school’s computer system ala Ferris Bueller and change your grade?

No need to.

Psychology experiments are fun. Especially when no one tells you to do them.

Me and a friend once put chairs into a pile. Called it art. And then noted how people reacted to it. Of course, they all got pissed when they realized the chairs were taken from the classrooms.

Another good one is to leave out a tray of samples (of either a food or beverage product) and when people ask “are these samples?” [yes, people actually DO ask this obvious question] and then say “yes” to them…

…and after they greedily start digging in and stuffing their faces, mention something about how they’re 50 cents a piece or a dollar a piece or something. :stuck_out_tongue: [they only asked “are those samples?” nobody ever said anything about them being free samples.]

It’s an urban legend at work. Dunno if anyone’s actually done this in an experiment setting, or even just to fuck with people.

Either way, I’m down with it. :smiley: haha.

Destroy the world because life’s unfair? I actually think that’s kind of a neat idea (:stuck_out_tongue: j/k).