What new computer should I get

Well I guess the title is pretty explanatory, but I’ll repeat my question just in case. I’m starting college soon and my parents are planning on buying me one and I think I have like a 1700 dollar budget, but if I can get a job soon I’ll prolly pitch in some money towards it so… suggestions? Currently I’m considering a alienware, or some type of mac, because im thuroughly disenheartened with windows preformance. So having stated that any revised suggestions?

Alienware? That’s pretty high price even for high-end comps.

Mine’s mid-high end, not too bad. www.overstock.com

Got it for about 650, and you could easily upgrade it from there.

Well alienware has a $1500 one that has some stuff in it, but since I’m not very well versed in the way of computers I decided it’d be best to get some advice

Link me?

Get a Mac G5.



For what they cost, i’ve heard nothing but bad things about alienware computers from my friends

Area 51 Next generation

Ok so this is my 3rd attempt at making a link and putting info with it. I think they dropped the price 500 dollars or maybe I’m just retarded and thought it was $1500.

And about the G5, I still havent been able to determine whether or not with how its setup if I would get the same amount of memory and ram and such since the G5 reminds me alot of a laptop and I really dont want a laptop.

I’ll sell you my deteriorating AMD K6 350 for $1700.

Go to your friends. Odds are you’ve got one friend who everyone thinks is fucking awesome with computers, and one who doesn’t know quite as much. Give the second one $1700 bucks and tell him to build you the best computer known to man with that money. You’ll get your money’s worth. The first one will fill it up with bullshit you don’t want.

If you want to get a laptop without a keyboard.

Some good Alienware ones…

And a few other good ones…


And of course, there’s always the option of going with a laptop as well for portability, so that you can go and take notes in class.

I wouldn’t waste my money on an Alienware PC unless you really have money to waste. For $1700 US (at least I’m assuming it’s US), you should be able to get something very impressive with enough money left over for a nice and big LCD screen. I built a 2.4 Ghz PC for about $1200 CND last summer for a friend so it’s definitely possible.

My laptop fucking rules and it cost 1337 with shipping and taxes. For 1700, you could probably get 1+ gig of RAM, a high end Pentium M, a 128mb vid card, a top notch screen (more so), a dvd burner, extra batteries and probably other things I can’t think of. Don’t waste your money on alienware. If you want a desktop to look cool , spend a hundred dollars extra on a cool casing.

It’s pretty much been said, but building your own computer is the way to go.

Ok Seen as I’m in the Uk I don’t have Prices. My Questionaire

  1. Ask your self what are you going to do on the computer?

If you want to play action (PC or/and Roms) games Make sure the flat screens does blur. It is Hard to Win battles in Tales of Phatiasia if you can’t see the baddies when running. Most Modern Flat screens don’t or bearly Noticeable.

I wouldn’t Buy items that you will not need. If you’re a arty person you should consider a Pen and tablet configuration if you want to draw into the PC like Pen and paper. (Several tablets will allow normal (Wheeled or not) Mice to be use the rest of the time. Some have a special mouse that only works on the tablet)

TV Cards: USB NONONO! Go for internal PCI cards. I speak from Personal Experince. If you want to play on console and don’t have enough room for a TV Perfect. Some recent kits can offer TiVo clones. (“Pause Live TV, etc”)

USB: Several RPGC’ers have noticed that some USB items overheat over long periods of time.

  1. Can I get Any Deals?
    Seen as your want it for Collage. Look around and ASK ABOUT DEALS for STUDENTS. Microsoft Has a lower priced software for Teachers/students.

If you don’t Like Microsoft try www.openoffice.org it’s Free office software but a bit tricky to use and is a swine to get set up.

Big Nutter
Palm/WinCE are Brilliant are for keeping notes and apointments outside Class. I know that New (Colour) Palms have Ms office surport.

Ok. My thought on this that all computers suck. No matter how hard you try, what kind you get, sooner or later that damn this going to break and is going to coast you more then what you payed for it. I just think computers is a huge paper weight that takes people away from reality and into a world that doesn’t even exists at times…

Wait what the hell am I saying? I think I will just stop now, because if I thought this, I wouldnt be here right now typing… Could this mean I have no life like many others?

sits and ponders

Yes. Yes it does. Don’t worry though, you don’t need a real life when you have RPGC.

Well I guess I’ll polly not get an alienware then. Cuase whereas I use alot of my time playing games and watching anime and such that would most likely be a secondary factor. So ifi can convert all my exsisting anime files to a mac ill prolly do that…just not the G5 cuz i dont like laptops, and obviously not a laptop then.
So i guess the real question is what mac do I get, and who should I have buaild it?

Lol thank you Dark, I Feel the love!

What are you going to use it for?

Oooh, a pessimist.


I like the new girl already.