what more can be said about SO3 that hasn't already been said about afghanistan?

i got this game when it first came out a year ago or so. my only qualms during my first few hours were that Sophia’s eyes were big and she needed to zip up her pants. atleast i can fuck up her affection level. i played to about the 12 hour mark, my interested waned and i set aside the game for a few weeks but then my cousin, my rpg confidant, dropped an A-bomb on me:

you’re npcs in a fucking mmorpg.


i treated the game like it had AIDs for about a year.

i picked it up again recently, and after adjusting to the over complicated battle sytem it for about 2 hours, i was enjoying it again, although the knowledge of its dubiously conceived plot twist hung over my head like a charlie brown thundercloud. eventually i made to the twist, the twist of the knife. its like barely built up. wtf? the characters seem to rationalize it with a little dash of existentialism, and for the most part, in the first few hours afterwards, its like theyre barely affected by it.

what does it all mean? how do people feel about it? does it mean the series is effectively over? theyll retcon till the end of time out of the normal continuity, maybe?

im convinced the plot of this rpg is either the best or the worst.

I haven’t played SO3 but really it seems like SO games tend to have things like that. SO2 certainly does.

Fuck you and thanks for the spoiler, I was planning on playing that >:(

Mark those kinds of spoilers next time, jesus christ. I have no interest in it but Seraph obviously did. Even Basara remembered to mark it, so you really have no excuse.

What’s more, we’ve discussed this spoiler some eleventy-billion times in the last year.