What makes Final Fantasy 'special' to you?

Everyone likes the Final Fantas yseries for their own reason. You could say something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

What makes Final Fantasy better then the average RPG to you?

:hmm: I feel there are loads of good points about the FF series…

The plot; characters; music, to name a few. However, I’m not quite sure what makes it better than the rest for me. It’s just an all round great series.

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What makes Final Fantasy better then the average RPG to you?
So you’re basically assuming we think of FF as the god of RPGs? What if we just like it as any other RPG, huh?

Xelo, it’s probably the fact that there is an entire board dedicated to it which convinced him that people think the series is the best.

It’s not the BEST, just the most famous. That, and it’s because of Cidolfas’ site, the FFCompendium, that we have this Forum, not due to any belief that the FF series is better than others.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> It’s not special to me. Just like any other RPG. Hell, I think the FF games are mostly average games. Give me a Xeno or a SD over it any day.

Well, as it goes, I just guessed thaat everyone likes FF series, but it turns out that most think its nothing special. And I can understand that as I much prefer BoF and EarthBound to any of the games.

Oh, but it is kind of special. It was the first (I think O_o) RPG for the NES, and made history with it’s great (SOMETIMES!) characters, awesome music, and ect.

Dragon Warrior was the first NES RPG…

Yeah… I don’t really consider it special except for its remarkable staying power. :sunglasses: I like the whole “kinda-related but not really” idea that goes through the series, which is why I made the site in the first place.

But as far as being enjoyable, most of the games in the series are actually mediocre at best, IMO (at least looking back several years later). The only one I get considerable pleasure out of replaying over and over is FF9.

I agree, FF seems to be the benchmark for other RPGs. While few RPGs that don’t begin with “Xeno-” approach the sheer radness of the Suikoden series, you can usually depend on Final Fantasy to deliver a solid game, filled with many sexy, sexy bishies that all want to do eachother.

i agree with Cid. the reason that the Final Fantasy series is so great is because it’s still around to this day and there are so many FF games around.

but also the characters are great, the story lines are simply the best around, the battle system is great, the worlds in FF are HUGE! the magic is immense and like every FF game is an excellent game. an FF game will usually never dissapoint u.

so that’s basically why Final fantasy is the best

I don’t know… I haven’t played that many RPG’s but I do know that I’ve had the most fun playing many FF games than some other ones.

I don’t consider Final Fantasy anything special except for basically it’s ability to stick around and for people to buy it over and over. It’s VERY popular though, I will give it that.

There are hundreds of RPGs out there, but I don’t think I could consider a single one of them to be the greatest. You have your Zeldas, Final Fantasies, Phantasy Stars, Shining Series, Lunars, Seiken Densetsus, SaGas, Breath of Fires, Golden Suns, Langrissers, Castlevanias, Dragon Warriors, Earthbounds, Dragon Slayers, Ultimas, Dungeons and Dragons, Might and Magics, Quest for Glories, Chrono series, Star Oceans, Lufias, Wild ARMS, Xeno, DBZs, Ogre Battles, Ys, and whatever hell other RPG series I might have missed. There are just too many to be deemed the greatest.

The reason why I like slightly more than most, is that it was the first true RPG series I ever played. But since then, I have played loads.

I can not say whether it is the best RPG ever, since I have never been able to play the other large RPGs, like the Chrono series, the Zelda series, or the Breath of Fire series.

But I can tell you it is my favourite series, at the moment, but there are many close runners in this race to be the best!

FF is my favourite RPG series but that doesn’t exactly mean it’s the god of all RPG’s.
there r loads of other great RPG’s out there like the Chrono series, Xenosaga, Grandia, the SaGa series…

I played Xenosaga. I fell asleep constantly throughout that game.

FF has nostalgic power. People know the games and the series. They enjoy playing the longest-running RPG series on the planet.

My favorite thing’s about the series is that even the last game still has bits and pieces of the first in it. I loved when in FF9 they made mention of Joseph, the first FF martyr. How the Intro to the first 7 is still in the last 3. The music is another thing, they’ve always had the finishing battle music.

I’ve always enjoyed the FF series above all the others. I could always relate to the characters. ect. ect.

The music. Has to be the music.

What makes FF special to me? Having played all of them besides 11 and X-2 I think I have two things to say.

  1. The plot in each one is amazing.
  2. Something weird here. FF7 was the first RPG I ever played and I loved it. But it’s weird, I love FF7 and I don’t know why. There’s just some weird feeling I get when I play FF7 and that’s why it’s my favourite.