What makes an Abominable Teacher?

I just remembered that this board was here. Anyway, my Logic and Rhetoric professor told the class to write a three page paper on what makes a horrible teacher. I’ve got 2 pages, but I’m running dry on ideas. Anyone? It’s due tomorrow at 1:40, so I’ll need to be done by 1:00 so I can figure out where I can go print it.

Teachers unwilling to give individual attention, and treat the student body as a personality-less blob, rather than a collection of individuals.

Teachers who try to get into power-struggles with their students.

Teachers who demand respect from their students, without first giving them respect.

Teachers who genuinely don’t care what happens to their students.

Teachers who play favorites with certain students.

Teachers who continuously take the path of least resistence.

Teachers who think they know everything, and are unwilling to learn from their students.

There are a few ideas. I’m studying to be a teacher, so I take a lot of classes on this subject.

Teachers who are on a crusade to flunk everybody.

[li]Teachers who don’t care.
[/li][li]Teachers who believe they are right and only them.
[/li][li]Teachers that refuse to acknowledge that students can have problems too, and that those problems might put homework and tests on the sideline.

And so on.

Teachers that brag about how all the stuff they are teaching you will be obsolete in about 5 years when the newest coding technology comes out and we all have to take another class just to learn that.

Seriously, I had one like that.

Maybe you just had to say it, but did you three notice the date on the original message? Thanks anyway.

We weren’t saying it for your benefit, we were saying it because we are under the influence of a compulsion to respond to every last message board topic that we have even a fleeting interest in.


Let’s see:
[li]Teachers who ramble on and on about stuff that has nothing to do with the lesson
[/li][li]Teachers who fail to teach you anything since you should already have lernt it. Even if if was several years ago!
[/li][li]Teachers who set near impossible deadlines.
[/li][li]Teachers who have really annoynig habits.

Well that’s my list of annoying teacher traits.

those who say nothing about the subject there teaching and rant the whole class time about how horrible teachers wages are.