What luck!?

Just as I get a new laptop, my desktop dies (fuckin’ hard drive problems). I guess it’s good that got a new computer in time, but bad considering my desktop went out. Man, I’ve never had so many hard drive problems in my life. 3 failures (one got better in a day) in 3.5 months. Man…

I know how you feel. A few weeks ago windows deleted my Administrator username on XP.

Welcome to windows…>_<

We had broard band installed a few weeks ago and as soon as we tried to use it the whole computer crashed and the hard drive was fucked.

My computer had a hard disk failure, and we had to reinstall a whole bunch of stuff when it was fixed. Most of my stuff got saved, though.

My old hard drive, had to get a complete overhaul, but it still not 100% realiable. Probably not even 50% realiable. But this one is still quite new, so there has only been a few tiny ‘hiccups’.

Let me tell you a story.

Part 1. I get a computer with 12 months warranty on all parts.

Part 2. 13 months pass

Part 3. My hard drive fucks up.

Part 4. I pay £50 (through the nose :thud: ) for a new one.

Part 5. This one starts being funny too.

Part 6. But I got 12 months on this too :ah-ha!:

Stories with (moderately) happy endings… :wink:

Had you lived in Norway, you would probably have had your money back by now. We have silly laws and regulations.

I’m yet to experience a single harddrive failure. Probably because I expect them, and accidents rarely happens when you expect them.