What is your Surfing Routine?

Some people just surf the net randomly; others have specific sites that they visit regularly. Most of us are probably somewhere in-between. You can tell a lot about a person by his or her surfing routine.

In my case, I have a list of sites that I visit daily. I begin in the morning by checking if my two favorite webcomics, The Order Of The Stick and The Gods of Arr-Kelaan , have updated. I rarely follow webcomics as there are too many and most aren’t that good, but these two are the best I’ve yet found (I used to follow Kidd Radd too but that one is now concluded.)

Afterwards I visit Comic Book Resources (CBR) to get the latest news not just on comics but all popular media- TV, movies, cartoons etc. It also features some very well written regular columns too. My favorite one is Comic Book Legends (updates on weekends) where you can find if rumors about comics stories or their creators (all the way back to the early days) are true.

On the evening I check out Oddball Comics, the website of comic book artist Scott Shaw. Besides being a place where you can read about the most obscure, bizarre comic books ever, its message board is frequented by other comics writers and artists; it’s nice for me to mingle with those people. :slight_smile:

Next comes some place with the initials RPGC. You might have heard about it. :wink:

My last scheduled stop of the day is at TV Tropes, where I not only contribute articles but also find out about series, both old and new, that I’ve never heard of before so I can decide if they’re worthy of my time. I found both of the webcomics mentioned above through it.

And that’s my daily routine. How about yours?

I normally check my e-mail first as it’s set as my home page. Then I check here and then RPGamer and/or GameFAQs.

I spend most of my time lurking through Something Awful.

Outside of that, I visit RPG Land for news of upcoming games and the occasional deal, and of course I hang out around here more or less. I occasionally pop in to AGTP and Twilight Translations but don’t do much in an effort to avoid becoming a nuisance.

I used to spend my time going through 1up for my news but they’ve really turned into a shithole in the last year and a half. This year’s E3 was the final straw for me considering how intrusive those ads were in the live feeds. I should probably spend more time over at Game Trailers or something.

RPG Fan and RPGLamer don’t really have much for me anymore either. I ended up leaving RPGmaker.net a long time ago due to idiots running anyone with any shred of talent out of town.

Although I have been spending an inordinate amount of time over at Serenes Forest feasting on info of the latest FE game like a fly to a seductive pile of manure, but hopefully that will pass once it comes out. Thankfully I avoided getting involved with their discussion boards as most of them were GameFAQs rejects.

I haven’t really spent any time over at GameFAQs either since my car was totaled and I had to curtail my expenditures. Not like I do much there anyways but perusing release date lists and maybe gather info on a new game to see if I’m interested.

I wake up at 5am and head down to the beach on the northeastern coast of Australlia with my board and cruise for big waves. They don’t always show up, but you gotta be prepared. One day, I hope to make it pro, but there’s stiff competition out there. I wish you luck in your surfing endeavors though, mate.

I just KNEW somebody was going to make a surfing joke. Well played Hades. :hahaha;

Killmore: What’s AGTP?

Check out my Blog here:

And my TVTropes.com page here:

That’s literally my surfing routine every 20 minutes

I come here, check my M-space, then get off. If I get lonely I go to 4chan. Every 3 months I check out Zero Punctuation. Other than that I’ll look stuff up or pirate this and that.

Check email for anything relevant (it usually ISN’T), then Facebook, to see what nonsense is going on there, then Deviantart to check for new messages, then here to see if there’s anything interesting going on. If I’m bored and/or there are other things to do, I’ll look at Boingboing or Google something I want more information on.

Email >> Facebook >> http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/ >> http://www.wow.com/ >> http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html >> http://www.aldaily.com/ >> Penny Arcarde/XKCD

I read more tubes than I should.

Pornography, how to make pipebombs, and pornography conspiracy forums about taking down the Gel empire.

*edit: e-mail/facebook is a given. Mostly music forums to keep up to date with new releases of bands I like, plus movie forums for DVD releases etc. Godzilla/giant monster/sci-fi/horror forums as well to keep up with the rare bit of news, mostly concerning book and DVD releases.

Email accounts> Online homeworks I give my students > facebook > livejournal > onemanga > agora > random comics.

I just jump wherever. I might hit up YouTube for some background noise, but I won’t really watch that many videos.


Forums->facebook->email->apterous. :smiley:

Let’s see. I usually start by checking Giant in the Playground or Myth Weavers. Then I check That Guy With The Glasses. I follow up with a look at this site. And I usually stay on Something Awful and Youtube for the rest of the day.

Oh right, I’ve been visiting The Guy With The Glasses and its related sites more frequently these days, but not yet on any regular schedule. Surprisingly talented bunch of people. My favorites are Linkara and the Nostalgia Critic. All they need is a bigger budget and they would beat most actual TV shows. Are you listening, Hollywood??

I feel obligated to point out that Nostalgia Critic is just… not very good compared to Angry Video Game Nerd :expressionless: Every time I’ve watched NC, it’s like I was watching an infomercial in disguise. But he wasn’t trying to sell me a product… He was trying to sell me on his gimmicky character. It’s like, he couldn’t be fucked to actually write a substantial, relevant, entertaining review, so his strategy reverts to a desperate plea to love his quirks. It’s just… fucking annoying to watch that. Some guy trying to drag me into his viewership by unconvincingly pretending to be caricature of someone he clearly isn’t, instead of actually writing a decent script? AVGN isn’t a great actor by any stretch, but at least he’s comically aware of it, and his main focus is to actually provide entertainment and say the things we’ve all thought of saying after being fucked by a shitty game. With NC, it’s like I’m watching a guy who uses movies like Twister as a backdrop for saying “Look how much like AVGN I am!” It’s like he’s more trying to CASH IN on something than creatively express himself.

I mean, go ahead and keep watching him if he amuses you, but if watching him means you don’t have time for AVGN… Some re-prioritizing is probably in order.

Every day: Spectrum Nexus to check for manga updates, SCII replays on various websites
Most days: RPGC
Some days: Facebook, Evil Genius, Zephyros Boards/News (The guild I was in when I played WoW)
Few days: ytmnd, PA, World of Ming, Smashboards, WC3 replays on various websites
Almost no days: Warcraft Movies, 4chan

I think thats about it. Nowadays if I’m on my computer I’m probably playing Diablo 2. Started playing hardcore… my assassin got pked last night… :frowning: I’d never really played hardcore before and I don’t know all the dirty tricks people can do! Meow!

Edit: Just checked out a couple videos of Nostalgia Critic and I couldn’t get through either. I don’t like him at all, and his voice is not pleasant at all. I’m pretty sure I didn’t really like the Angry Nerd either.

Really, Hades? I don’t find AVGN funny whatsoever, and I enjoy the Nostalgia Critic. He isn’t my favorite, but he’s miles above AVGN because he doesn’t have to swear every other word to be “funny.” And I quote:

“Cowa-fucking-piece-of-dog-shit! This game is diarrhea coming out of my dick! This game is as appealing as a fucking ooze infested dirty fucking sewer rat shit! I had more fun playing with dog turds! Shredder’s my ass and Splinter’s my balls!” - AVGN

That might have been funny when I was eight or nine, and had just discovered what “shit” meant, but now it just seems sad.

That being said, the Cinema Snob is superior to both of them, thank you very much.

If you know what NC needs to do to be funny, PLEASE tell him so he can start.