What is your main breakfast food?

Mine would be Frosted Flakes cereal with a pop tart. I always, always, eat that for breakfast. I also eat homemade waffles. :victoly:

I’m never up in time for a good breakfast, or I’m out the house too fast.

I usually don’t eat breakfast. When I do II eat pop-tarts or cereal.

My breakfasts vary. Usually, I have:

One or two helpings of fresh fruit, most commonly apple, orange, peach, nectarine, grapes, watermelon, grapefruit or honeydew. Obviously, it depends on what is in season.

A bowl of cereal, usually granola, Müslix or Shredded Wheat. Occasionally, I have oatmeal, flavoured with apple cinnamon.

Two slices of (whole wheat) toast with margarine, and also strawberry jam, honey or cream cheese and green onions.

If there is breakfast yoghurt in the fridge, I have some. My favourite flavours are mixed fruit, cherry, peach and French vanilla. I usually buy low-fat yoghurt.

A glass of juice, usually from concentrate, although when I have time, freshly-squeezed orange juice is my preference.

I sometimes have scrabbled eggs, with lots of black pepper.

On uncommon occasions, I might have pancakes, waffles, French Toast or (organic) breakfast sausages and coffee to drink.

Woo, last time I had a breakfast was like 2 years ago. So my first meal would be lunch. Usually I just have sausage/egg/bacon sandwiches.

depends on what mood Im in.

Sometimes I just pour a bowl of cereal.

Sometimes I make waffles or pancakes, scramble some eggs and fry some bacon.

When I eat breakfast that is, sometimes I do, sometimes I dont.

Usually eggs, toast, and bacon.

Either cereal, waffles, or eggs. Whatever I have time for.

I always drink a glass of orange juice when we have it. Interestingly, I eventually get a sinus headache on days I don’t drink it.
As for foodstuffs, cereal usually, preferabley something with honey and grains, sometimes some kind of fruit, often bananas, and sometimes I have waffles or pancakes with either syrup, jam, or peanut butter (good protein in that case). Eggs are kind of a weekend thing.

Frosted flakes and poptart as well…

I hardly ever eat breakfast, but I often have a protien shake in the morning.

Y’know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE.

What is your main breakfast food?

I have B’fast about once a week. Usually just Oatmeal.

Oatmeal: Australian for breakfast

Breakfast: It’s what’s for Dinner!

I usually don’t have breakfast, but if I do, then I usually have left over pizza with just some water. Sometimes I put in the effort to make something healthy and I’ll make a strawberry-banana smoothie.

Crunchy nut corn flakes and coffee, on sundays a bacon sarnie.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t eat breakfast sometimes. I just can’t eat a lot when I first wake up. On shool or work days I typically have either some Hostess mini chocolate chip muffins or cereal. If I actually wake up and have enough time I have frozen waffles/pancakes/French (freedom!) toast. Eggs and are a weekend thing for me too.

Frosted Flakes or strawberry poptarts if I`m on the run or if I have early morning exams.