WHAT IS YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME! Also is this a racist idea?

I want to be the black guy from tropic thunder. is that racist?

The real black guy or the white guy playing the black guy?

White guy (cuz i’m a white dude) playing the black dude.

Well we don’t celebrate Halloween that big around here (although it has gotten pretty interesting over the past few years with the kids in the neighborhood) but yeah… If I were to choose a costume I would pick probably “Guybrush Threepwood” from monkey Island… however I’m black, so it would look kind of odd! xD

I wouldn’t think so, as long as you make it clear that you’re :wink: trying to portray Robert Downey Jr. from Tropic Thunder! you know with the costume and facial features and all! But someone should try and do Les Grossman… That would be GOLD!!! xD

A ghost.

Holly fuck, black butters. Didn’t I get chastised for blackfacing?

He’ll most likely be the dude disguised as the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.

Oh hai there Charl.

I’ll probably play the part of terrorist again this year since it doesn’t require me to shave. A couple of sheets and maybe a pair of sunglasses and I’ll let the common man’s fears do the rest (hell, all I really need is the sunglasses).

I had a feeling that would cause quite a shock! :hahaha;

I’m not sure yet. I think I’ll just dye my hair or something.

It’s a sekkret.

Every year our workplace has a Halloween dres-up day the last working day before/on October 31st. Last year I went as my own evil twin, justified by the fact that my facial hair was a little longer (no one got it, the philistines).

This year Breast Cancer awareness day falls on October 29th, which is also the last working day before Halloween. Breast Cancer awareness’s colour is, of course, pink, so we have the interesting situation that at work we’re encouraged to wear scary and spooky costumes… that also prominently include the colour pink.

I’m done. Anyone got any ideas?

DQIV’s Ragnar?

Get some gladiatorial armour together and colour most of it pink. And then go around saying you’re off to rescue the barins and see who gets that (though I’m guessing nobody, if they don’t even know what makes an evil twin evil aside from being evil).

Edit: Alternatively, for the effort impaired, go as Pinky from Pac-Man.

@Nebagram: Perhaps wear like any kind of warrior costume you prefer with the emblem being the breast cancer ribbon… you may not have the colors predominantly, but you still get the message across! :slight_smile:

The 984

Dr.McNinja. I don’t think people will get it if I wear a dress shirt so I’ll have to find a black gi top.

One well-dressed devil.

Sadly we don’t celebrate Halloween around the neighborhood anymore. Didn’t you hear? It’s a celebration of WITCHCRAFT!! And thus THE DEVIL!! Yeah, my family and friends have been getting more religiously fanatical over the years… even my pointing out that Christmas itself is full of pagan traditions (up to and including the date chosen to celebrate it!) hasn’t swayed them.

That said, IF I could get a chance to dress up for All Hallow’s Eve, I’d be Jack Sparrow. Arrrh. :wink:

Captain America with a burrito stuffed in my pants.

we’re talking about religion right

of course factual statements won’t sway them

How can you be multiple things?