What is your favourite color and why?

See topic. Refrain from Monty Python and Happy-happy cultist references please. (Unless absolutely necessary.) DAMN YOU BOOKEN

I like Blue. Blue might be associated with apathy, but I see it as an energetic colour that springs forth into action. Darker tones are generally a favourite of mine, and there’s nothing like a good deep wash of blue all around… Blue is also a part of my second favourite colour, green. And the blue of water (the two are usually linked) gives life to the green of plants.

Blue is such a kickass colour.

My favorite color is red… no, blue… NO. YELLOW!!! ~ D:

sorry. Had to do it /gg

Green. Especially the dark one you see on some trees.
Or faded-jeans-blue. Who doesn’t like faded-jeans-blue? It’s calming. For me anyway.

I like sky-blue best, because it’s the color of the sky. Really, that simple.

I like most shades of blue. Especially metalic blue, it is so cool. Another one I like is silver. There is no really reason behind my choices, those are just my favourite colours.

Black-Red contrasts and Silver. I’m not sure why.

Royal purple, or light purple. Most any shade of purple. I dunno, I just always liked it, especially on shirts.

And the dark red hair you see some people with. But usually only on hair.

Black, because it isn’t one.

Pure white, and if it blinds someone, well, that’s an added bonus. :ulty:


I don’t know why. It’s just always been blue.

Olive green, taupe or burnt sienna. I don’t know why.

Ultraviolet, of course.
Nobody knows why.
Maybe because it could cause cancer?

Emerald Green… with a little dark blue thrown into it’s shadows. Best ever. ^^


Red. The colour of revolution, passion, and half the strip of Lincoln City F.C. :sunglasses:

Definitely orange. I don’t really know why. When I was younger I’d always say I loved orange because I was obsessed with orange juice, and doritos, which are both orange.

Despite the Predomily red Colour Sceame, It’s attucally Lime Green or in #00ff11.

Big Nutter
See my Belt It is Green

Green AND Blue. So I guess, Bluegreen.

I don’t have a favorite color.

My favorite shade is black.

i like red, its soo…seducing, and GREEN yay! with some blue! oh yeah, all pastel colors and amber

My favorite color is deep red. It conveys my mood towards the world.