What is your favorite thread of all time?

In this thread you tell us which thread on rpgclassics was your favorite thread. I mean, obviously it’s gonna be a thread from over 3 years ago. But anyway. Obviously my favorite thread was the sabins wibowism thread cuz that sabin guy was a hoot.

My all time favorite had to be the RPGC version of Smash TV that Starstorm dreamed up in the role playing forum. GG, PC, and I had so much fun with that RP. Kentucky Fried Mutant anyone?

No links?

Big money! Big prizes! I love it! Good luck, you’ll need it. Good luck! Woo!

(they could totally remake smash TV but but it in third person view and make a killing…)

the pachinko sexy reaction best game ever screen shot thread

If we’re going to count RP threads, then the one where we made up our own Final Fantasy was my favorite.

My favourite was the one about Samurai vs Tanks. I still can’t believe how many people are fucking stupid enough to think a tank can beat up a samurai, for real. No one’s ever played Shinobi or Chrono Trigger I guess :expressionless:

Shao Khan for president!

Hey, I’d forgotten all about the Shao Khan thread! One of my favourites was that thread which went all over the place before Silhouette2 quoted himself and called himself an idiot (for saying that Shakespeare’s plays were meant to be read, not performed). I think there were originally two threads that got merged and renamed something along the lines of “intellectual masturbation” by a [strike]rocker[/strike] mod.

This thread was meant to be good. Like it was supposed to be the RPGC Allstars. But it’s like the opposite. I don’t know any of you, and I don’t know the threads you speak of. I know Weiila. Hi Weiila.

Mikenopa here