What is your favorite RPG ?

Hi, Topaz here.
Hopefully I’m posting this in the right area since this is a PC Game.

What is your favorite game ?
Would you like to write your own ?
You can with this Freeware engine provided below

Guys and gals, Scenario is now at v03-1029 on November 4th 2003. :slight_smile:
Lots of new features including snow/underwater/fog FX,
multi-select inquiries, help descript internal for every
Sprite Messenger Icon with examples, and more.

  • Plays RealMusic & Mp3s with auto-repeat.
  • Now has internal Add-On/system image picture editor !
  • Alpha Objects allow INFINITE tiles/castles/dungeonsetc. to

appear on any map at any pixel size up to 2016x2016 pixel map
per 16 sets, no limits, just up to HD space !

Direct download here:

Q & A are up to 300+
Concepts are up to 18
1900+ downloadable image Add-Ons
1460+ downloadable music/SFX Add-Ons
Windows XP Compatible (cause I have WinXP now!)

Main site now has 20+ World Files by authors all around the

100% Freeware and main engine gets updated 3x a week. ^-^
I’m retired, this is my lifetime project, and I still have

50+ years to work on it.

Regarding small GFX it’s 320x224 pixel screen, hit
Shift-Enter to go double-screen size or default at 640x480
looks PERFECT. I’m trying to keep the filesize small so

pixels are doubled to see them.
The main system 125+ music, 180+ internal Add-Ons, and

Suzi’s Quest with 500+ Sprite Messenger examples are all

internal to one .ZIP that will always fit on a floppy 3 & 1/2

inch disk. :smiley:

Combat engine is going through upgrades with future Action
Meter in progress.

All I ask –

“If you make something interesting, please beam up a copy to
the Scenario Station so others can both play and learn in
your world.”

In this, I can also learn from it, what it was that was
difficult for you to do, and how I can continue to make
future improvements in the engine to assist you in your
future Worldbuilding efforts.

  • Newest features include 3-D explosions, Photon Shooter,
    Action Meter, 3-char. variables, Logic Beeline Tracker,
    player runner, revive at Inn, and Auto-Installer for Win32

Scenario is and always will now be called “SETUP.EXE”
So by clicking the link below, you will ALWAYS get the latest
version, no matter what the mirror says. :slight_smile:

How is Scenario different from RPG95/2000/2003 for the IBM-pc ?

  • Scenario is different from RPG95/2000/2003 in that it has a Sprite Messenger.
    That is a series of commands that you don’t type but place into your message.
    They are small 8x8 pixel icons and do quite a bit !

It’s different from RPG95/2000/2003 in that you don’t have to remember switch #s for Treasure Chests, locks, etc. These are handled automatically inside Scenario.

It is different in that you can enter Testplay mode ANYWHERE at all, wherever your cursor happens to be, and it is near instantaneous, less than 1/4 a second on my computer. Hit [Tab] again to exit Testplay and return back to the map editor to cheat in the game or if you are the Worldbuilder for this world, to enter in new features to your world file.

It is different because BIG world files, that is those that use all 16 maps on the average PKZIP to 200k. This is bigger if you use additional artwork and music, but with over 500+ images included and 150+ music all internal to the 1meg engine, you won’t need to.

It is different because it is Freeware (and always will be!)

It is different because a new engine gets posted every Wednesday along with a Bulletin explaining new functions and features in it.



New Home of Scenario RPGMaker 2003 !

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