What is wrong with Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender?

Okay this girl is seriously messed up. Don’t know if daddy did something to her, or what, but the girl needs some meds, and I mean NOW! On a different note, she is kinda cute, for deranged nutjob.

Although Ty Lee is way cuter!

Would not mind seeing them in bikinis.

She’s a sociopath, plain and simple. I think it’s hereditary in the family - her daddy was insane, and she is, too. Zuko seems to have lucked out as far as insanity goes - while he does seem unba;anced, at least he’s still human.

I refuse to comment on the cute thing, though. She does have a very cold beauty, yes, but that’s it.

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Same thing Valkyrie said. I think it runs in the family.

And, Azula and Ty Lee cute? Um kay.

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I wouldn’t go as far as to say that she is insane. She is remarkably mature for her age, knows the game of thrones very well, possibly vying for the throne herself, able to work both behind the scenes and in them, and willing to do anything to achieve her goals, but hasn’t shown anything that shouts insanity to me.

That’s the big thing. The level she will go to win is scary. She’s shown absolutely no concern for her brother and uncle, and seems to not mind the whole “must kill them both without remorse” thing. She will do whatever she wants, and has little concern for emotion, unless it suits her needs. That says Sociopath in my book.

I’d also like to point out, in the episode where we learn about Zuko’s past, She watched her father get punished with a malicious grin on her face that is not normal. And even at a young age, she seemed to take a horrible pleasure fromw atching others suffer. Maybe she’s jsut sadistic, but I think there’s real mental isntability in her.

Both her brother and uncle were exiled from the fire nation, why would she care about them? Apparently her father didn’t care much for her brother when he kicked him off the island.

So, the moment they’re exiled, you’re supposed to forget they’re family, and treat them like they’re criminals? I don’t think I could ever do that. Loyalty to family is one of thsoe big thigns, you know. You wouyld think a SANE person would show the tiniest bit of remorse for killing someone you grew up with. She looks FORWARD to it.

Same with ehr dad - we KNOW he’s insane. he fucking wounded his own son because of a slight breach of etiquette! And Azula WATCHED while her brother was disfigured, and she LOVED it.

Again, I ask: would you be willing to kill your own sibling, jsut ebcause they aren’t welcome in your land anymore? A nd would you do it without the slightest hint of remorse?

I wouldn’t but then again she could be pyscotic instead of sociopathic. She might not realize what she is doing is wrong. Then again she seems conscious about everything else, so maybe it is that she is just sociopathic and not pyscotic (mispelled I know)

How did Ty Lee ever up being her friend?

Beacause she’s afraid of her. Simple as that.

That ain’t friendship, certainly not to the point that you’d hug a person. Mai definately does not fear Azula, and I can’t see her as a nutjob. Though i thnk she get’s off getting into all the action.