What is the worst Final Fantasy Character

How was rinoa bad as far as the story goes?

I’d definately say Cait Sith…

It’s not without reason his name is always misspelled as Cat Shit…

Amen brother.

Lol. I could never stand Gau either. XD He was just so annoying >.>;; I didn’t like the way he fought either. o.o;

Gau can actually be one of the most useful characters you have.

For one he can equip the Snow Muffler which makes him nigh invulnerable to a lot of attacks.

Secondly the Stray Cat Rage’s Cat Scratch is god when doing damage.

Couple that with the fact that with a little trickery (involving Offering I believe) you can get the Tempest equiped on him meaning that he will randomly do Wind Slash after Cat Scratcing (tempest is the only thing that’ll work for this since it calcualtes the wind damage seperatly from the sword damage. Things like Flame Saber do it all at once).

But on topic I’d have to say Amarant is the least important to ANY plot. He never really was explained at all.

Gau, the annoying bastard.

Although Gau’s hyperactivity and weird battling styles are definite downers, the “Wind God Gau”, as he is called when you equip with a Tempest and use Cat Scratch, is very effective indeed. With a Merit Award, Gau can gain some use in the WoR.

Plus, the whole reunion scene with his insane father is touching considering he’s a very minor character. Gau, a wild boy, wants to look good when he meets his father, so all the characters go off to a clothes shop and begin commenting on what he would look best in. When Gau finally marches in (looking oddly similar to Edgar), his father still ignores him. Poor kid.

Remember kiddos, Cait Sith isn’t bad in battle (except for Joker Death), as every character is basically the same excepting limit breaks. I use him with a 4x-Cut materia, a Mystile, Ribbon, and HP Shout and he’s impossibly strong with 9999 damage on almost anything. Some people hate his character and role in the story and apply that to his battling skills as well, which burns me up.

By the way…I’ve never played FF8, but judging by the many outrageous comments from Selphie, she’s the hyperactive “Love and peace! I like trains! Give me more sugar and coffee!” kind of character, which I heavily dislike.

Is it just me, or do a lot of people posting on this thread like Disaster Labs? I was quite pleased when their Pokey tribute had Cait Sith singing. :moogle:

I thought he plays Chono, CT. :noway: The FF5’s Story seems to be around the Girls and Galuf.

“I like trains! Give me more sugar and coffee!” That’s my line and it’s better than getting drunk with alchol. Selphes dress does me (YELLOW!) but she ok when i had to use her.

I use Relm with a Cure Rod, she can just about restore most Charaters by hitting them, Makes the Atma battle go easier. I just stick Gau alone as last defence Before Baron. I don’t Like the Blue mages, I haven’t used them Much.

Edward/Gilbert (FF5), one good thing. You (Insert insult here) !!

I lav using the cure rod… it’s lavly

Selphie, just because Squall/Zell/Irvine or Rinoa works a hell of a lot better.

Am I the only person who liked Selphie?!

I thought she was a cool character storywise, just crappy to use compared to virtually everyone else.

My least favorite character of all the Final Fantasy games…


This is a bit hard, because I liked them all, but I guess I’ll go with…Cid from FFIV. His attacks were very weak to me and he didn’t have that much character development.

Aire Tam aka Materia backwards

Ah yes, thanks SD.

This just in…

You can supposedly kill Emerald Weapon without KOTR. Equip yourself with Phoenix and Final Attack as always, and equip Gravity Materia (leveled to learn Demi3), and link the Gravity to Quadra Magic. Also bring along W-Magic. Cast Demi3 to hit 8 times. Supposedly, this will do upwards to 80,000 damage a turn.

I don’t know if this works… I heard it somewhere, and it sounds pretty believeable.

P.S: Algus is the worst character. He looks like Niles Crane, and he’s mean.

Damn it… now I’ll have to play FFVII all the way through again to see if this is true.

Personally I believe that Gogo from FF3 is. Don’t get me wrong he is a great character with powerful abilities but what is up with him? I mean is (s)he a man? Is (s)he a woman? Is (s)he a hermaphrodite? I mean c’mon talk! (S)he isn’i deaf is (s)he?..

i never noticed how much like niles he was till you mentioned it…however, my least favorite charachter is mewt from FFTA…winy and he becomes a spoiled brat. :moogle: :hyperven: p:unch:: :mwahaha: ::doh:: :eek:

Actually, there’s a very interesting theory on who he is. I don’t remember where to find it though.

By the way, I also hate Rikku for ruining some of the best story scenes in FFX-2 by screaming out “Meanie!” for no apparent reason. Well, aside for hating her for the way she dresses, the way her commands take more time to actually activate than the other girls, and the fact that she reminds me of my absolutely irritating little cousin.