What is the worst Final Fantasy Character

Battlewise: A three-way tie between Gau, Umaro, and the Berserker class in FFV. I can’t stand characters that you can’t control.

Storywise: I’d have to go with Selphie. She was just too air-headed and hyper for me.


Interesting you should mention that, since I once, on a whim, sent to Kefka’s Tower a party consisting of Mog, Gau, Umaro, and Gogo (who had the three aforementioned character’s abilities equipped plus Blitz, just to be safe), and they actually made it all the way to the end. Thank GOD for Sun Bath.

L1k3 t3h sp0li3rz!

As for worst character… I’m going to have to go with Gau and Relm.
I just never liked them and I NEVER found them useful.

Yea… and Strago too.

I’d sympathize…except his only job was to be a sharp shooter. I know that couldn’t have been the first time he fired off a shot at someone.

I never said that they couldn’t be used effectively. It’s just my personal preference to be able to control almost every move I make.

Anyway, why are there so many Strago/Relm haters? My Relm had the highest Magic power at the end of the game after Terra and Celes. Strago wasn’t far behind. Characterwise I think Relm was a riot ala “Who’s this puffed up aerobic instructor?” and “I’m going to paint your portrait!!.”

Hmm, it’s tough to say. I’d consider the ‘worst’ characters to be those that were lacking - not those that I disliked BECAUSE of their personalities or the things they did. Generally any character who evokes that sort of response is a character well done :stuck_out_tongue:

It felt like a lot of the characters in FFVI were dead weight . . . Gau, in particular. He bugged me storywise AND battlewise. But Bartz had, as far as I could tell, NO personality. He was like a blank canvas, a nobody. I felt nothing for him . . . nor any in FFV, come to think of it. Except maybe Faris - Faris was cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Rinoa was pretty useless in battle, too. I hate losing control of a character and, in effect, the battle, and that’s what happened during her limit breaks. Random dog attacks didn’t appeal too much either :stuck_out_tongue:

Rinoa is extreamly useful because her limit break where she uses her dog is random yes but the most often used on is invicible moon which is extremely useful.

Here’s my take on Bartz (and to a lesser extent, 5’s other main characters). I warn you, this doesn’t make a lot of sense even to me.

By not having an obvious personality, Bartz becomes a vehicle for the player, a way to observe the story from his point of view. You become the character instead of watching him, so the focus is shifted to what’s going on around him. It kind of goes along with the job system in the game. Instead of having pre-defined roles, the characters are whatever you want them to be.

I usually prefer characters with more personality myself, but I also like games like FF1 and 3 that let me create the characters. I particularly liked 5 because the characters were there, so you got a sense of who they were supposed to be, but the rest is left blank for you.

I admit though, it does take a certain kind of creative mentality. I guess you have to enjoy filling in blanks to appreciate something like that.

Rikku… it just has to be Rikku you spend half of X and nearly all of X-2 listening to her stupid comments… though saying that she’s just like Selphie…

Uh well, I don’t think the whole situation of bartz being barely there was intentional…most characters from 1-6 have minor and usually unimportant personalities unless they were place in a role…

Cait Sith would have to be the worst. His limit breaks weren’t all that great (and I know Slots can instantly win a battle, it’s just so unlikely, it shouldn’t even count), and if I used him, it was just to cover my good characters. Personality wise, he was a traitor at first. Who cares if he became good in the end, he gave the key away. If it weren’t for his treachery, the whole Meteor thing wouldn’t have happened. Besides, he was annoying and kinda reminded me of Meowth from Pokemon (surprised I can still remember the name).

And then the plot would be ruined. :victoly:

Anyway, I’m just going to go with Relm and Gau.
I NEVER found them useful.

I’ll agree with you on Relm. I thought getting Gau all the different creature abilities was tedious, but once you get him something like the White Dragon, it’s all over. Then he just Pearls opponents into oblivion.

Relm was REALLY lame though. “I think I’ll paint in the middle of battle. Hold still!” Lame ability.

And Umaro was stupid too.

Dammit… I got through the first page, thinking there would’nt be any anti Cait Sith comments that inevitably pop up in these types of topics…and now look. :too bad;

The whole Meteor thing is Cait Sith’s fault? All he did was snag the Keystone and give it to the Turks, who promptly lost it to Cloud.
As the game goes on, Cait Sith fetches the Black Materia (which would kill any other party member) but Cloud promptly loses it. :thud:
Cait Sith rescues Barret and Tifa’s sorry butts, reveals crucial information on the Huge Materia that Cloud and company have no idea of, and has many a priceless quote. Like what he says to Don Corneo in the Wutai Sidequest…heh. Something like, “You sleazy, slimy scumbag! If you want a woman, there’s such a thing as the RIGHT way!”

Remember: Other than weapons, Limit Breaks, and gender exclusive armors, all the characters in FFVII become clones of each other. HP Shout is great. Yes, his limit breaks are too unwieldy for practical use, but who says that a 1-hit KO on Emerald Weapon is a bad thing? :mwahaha:

but he can also do a one-hit KO to your whole party. instantly ending the game.

I already said that his Limit Breaks were too risky for conventional use, ya? [/Wakka]

Anyways, back to the topic.

Worst (In battle): I’d have to say Ezel from FFTA. He is so limited. He gets Astra (yay?) and Azoth (which attempts to inflict Sleep on all enemies). Azoth is nice, but a party outiftted with sleep-preventing equipment and a Night using Blue Mage do the exact same thing. Ezel could be quite a good character if there wasn’t one thing stopping him:
He can’t change classes or learn new abilties because he has a unique job.
Only two skills, crumby physical attacks, standard equipment availible to any Alchemist. :noway: What a shame! Ezel’s a neat character too; shame he’s crappy in battle.

Worst (In story): Brother in FFX-2. In FFX he was very reserved, and all of a sudden he goes completely nuts! He drops countless “hints” (blatant ones) to Yuna (who is also apparently his cousin) that he’s…“attracted” to her.
At times he’s practically zooming around and shrieking like an idiot. I just wanted him to shut up.

I never said Cait Sith wasn’t important to the story, I just feel he was a whiny, annoying traitor. Even if he does switch sides, it didn’t change my initial hatred for him. Frankly, I didn’t like him since the moment I got him. Then again, I didn’t like Tifa much either, her breasts were what won me over. Probably the biggest reason I hate Cait Sith is because everyone else in that game was cool, except him.

who says that a 1-hit KO on Emerald Weapon is a bad thing?

That move is cheap. I also recall Selphie from FFVIII having a similiar attack (cough The End), but unlike Cait Sith, Selphie was actually cool. Besides, Emerald Weapon isn’t even really that hard, I don’t get why everyone makes a big fuss. Sure he can kill everyone with one hit, but that’s only if you have shit loads of materia equipped. That attack (don’t really remember what it’s called, been so long since I’ve played FFVII) only does 1111 damage per materia you have equipped. Equip only a few materias, Knights of the Round him a few times, Mime with everyone else, and I guarantee you he won’t last long. Took me less than 5 minutes.
I would have to agree with some of these people mentioned though, some of these were really crappy.

Any character that required luck to use.

Actually Wakka’s limit breaks are easy once you figure out the order the reels are in. Aurouchs Reels + Damage Limit Break + best weapon = Insane damage.

EDIT: Oh, preferences, right.

Game: See aove

Story: Rinoa.