What is the worst Final Fantasy Character

My thoughts on this has to be selphie. i only say this because she has a scary happy attitude. i would say Edward from FF4 but without him there would be no spoony bard comments.

Banon. He dies too much.

Amen, brudda.

And it depends on which definition of worst you mean. If you mean story-wise, then probably Amarant from FFIX. If you mean battle-wise, then I always hated Gau. If you need a reason, then you’ve obviously never played FFVI.

i mean in general who is the worst FF character.

Edward wasn’t that bad.

The twins on FF 4.

Edward was weak the only thing he was good for was spoony bard jokes and fighting the dark elf.

I loved Amarant. I thought the whole chemistry between him and Zidane was really thought-provoking.

There’s really two ways to interpret that question, by the way: Worst battle-wise, or worst character-wise. The two generally have nothing to do with each other.

Battle-wise, I’ll agree and go with Edward/Gilbert. Character-wise, I’ll probably go with Bartz from FF5. He was barely there.

The status changes on his harps were useful at least to me. Plus I like the weaker characters too. They don’t get enough credit. :moogle:

All the characters in FF1…

Eiko from FF9 always annoyed me. Battle-wise, I’d probably say Gau.

Character wise, yuffie… MAteria stealing wench… battle wise, I’d have to say either Gau, or Cid form FFIV.

Battle-wise I would say that Relm was the worst. Her sketch ability was never useful, for me.

Character-wise, I going to say that Relm, again. (What can I say, I didn’t like the kid)


Selphie at least had a few good points in the story, and her limit break was always useful. And I liked Bartz.

Can’t really argue with any of the others, except maybe Banon. Never had a problem keeping him alive, and I liked being able to heal everyone for free.

Character-wise…hmm… controversial but I’m going to have to go with Tifa- she annoyed the hell out of me, she was supposed to be this tough, streetwise heroine, but she spends practically the whole game fawning over Cloud :-/

Battle-wise… hmm again… probably rated in terms of “who did I use least”. All characters are useful if used properly, but I had very little time for Aeris in battle- I could never be arsed to get her limits/levels up high enough. Quistis too got very little use- what’s the point in learning Blue Magic if you only use it, like, eight times in the game! :-/ Kimahri was the same too, except he came in useful as a “spare (insert job here)” at times, plus he had some strength in his attacks.

Relm is one of those scary little girls. She is really the dev0l. Bet you didn’t know that. Did you ?

Edward, I couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

Irvine…that lousy, wussing out at crucial moment, leaving people to rot in prison, womanizing excuse for a cowboy.

Oh, and Born Loser, don’t get me started on Yuffie…if I had a gun…or if it were possible for Cloud to have had a gun, I would have had one of us shank her with (you heard me). No one steals my materia and lives to tell about it…except Yuffie…for now.

Hey, shooting someone can be hard. Also, he got the shot off and it was a greta shot. It’s not his fault Edea stopped it.

Well, I’d have to say my least favorite character out of all the games is probably Relm…or Yuffie. No, no, Relm. Relm it is. Interceptor is cooler than Relm, and he’s not even a playable character.

All the characters in FF2. Half of them died.