What is the number one object in the world that you hate, and give reasons.

Yeah, read the title:

I absolutely hate plain potato chips.

I say this because of many reasons. First and foremost, they taste <b>horrible</b>. If there’s nothing in my house to simply snack on except plain chips, I choose to be hungry.

Also, when you go to supermarkets, and you see an entire shelf devoted to plain chips, you, if you haven’t seen chips before, will think “Wow! These must be good”, and you end up buying a giant value bag from Lays for like 3$. You bring it home, try it, and end up wasting an entire bag of chips at the first chip.

My family buys like 2 value bags of Lays plain chips every week. At the end of the week, you’re lucky if even one is opened. There’s probably like 40 bags hidden away in my kitchen somewhere.

Although you can do neat things with plain chips. Such as getting chip dip, or putting salt on them. These enhance the taste, sure. I’ve even gone to far lengths of buying popcorn seasoning and pouring it in an open bag and shaking it.

Looking on this conveniently placed plain chip bag near my computer desk, I read that there is 280 calories for 20 chips. What the fucking hell. That’s 14 calories per chip; which isn’t good. Consider a can of Pepsi. There’s only 150 calories per can, which isn’t even 1 calorie per 1mL.

So uh, yeah. RANT OVER.

I hate plain chips too, but that is said.

As for me, I HATE with a passion this goddamned computer chair, being so fucking uncomfortable, and my mom adjusting it and shit, and it not going back up.


I hate Defective sony DVD players.

Thanks for ruining the topic.

Simmer, you’ve already posted.

Defehcxhnqwuyeheaucjnfdsyuh38437akwea#@, please contribute or don’t bother posting.

I hate it when I’m sitting there eating a tuna sandwich and someone comes over and is like “yo man want me to pee in your beer” and I’m like “huh i’m not drinking beer” and then they’re like “yeah well what are you going to do about it?” and then

ps. I don’t eat tuna.

That’s not what your mom said last night.

Okay I won’t bother posting. ;B

I hate green rape along with the Skull of Pralines. God damned Pralines and your sewer eating ways!

Radical Feminists.

People who don’t give reasons for why they hate things.


Polling threads, they just make ME SO MAD GRRAHHHHHH.

I hate everything, but you already knew that.

long sigh

Object huh ? Dunno, most probably my defective speakers.

Artifacts that tell me I can’t win the game, and my foe can’t lose, even when he was at -4.


Hmmm…well, i dont really hate anything, but i strongly dislike People who think to highly of themselves…bastards.

I cannot tell what card that is; please tell me.

And people, just saying things that you dislike isn’t good; you need to explain.

How long are you goign to keep up this charade? I know you’re filled with sugar and rainbows deep down inside. You’re not impressing anyone :(((((

OPs that police their own threads.

Iron fist! grrr!

Especially you and Hades.