What is the last game you bought?

Me, I just picked up a copy of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and I must say, I am loving it.

What about you all?

Phantom Brave, WWE Day of Reckoning, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.

Yes, that’s all in one go. My wallet hurt.

As of tomorrow afternoon, all three should be replaced by Star Ocean 3.

Phantom Brave. No real reason to buy games since I’m leaving, although I might pick up Fable before I actually deploy.

I haven;t bought a game in months. I’m waiting for SO3 in a few days though. :smiley:

I just completed my X Games collection (Excluding X7 because I don’t have the console) with Megaman X6. Getting the english versions of the PSOne games down here is a real bitch.

And just for the record: Zero rOxOrZ.

Devil May Cry, but that doesn’t count because I hate it. I’ll go with the one before that, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Badass game.

Latest RPG was Neverwinter Nights.

Silent Hill 4: The Room…it was worth going broke for. ^^

Digaea: Hour of Darkness, followed closely by Wild Arms, and Parasite Eve 2 before that. And those were the last games I felt any compulsion to buy.

n2O : Nitrous Oxide

Mostly because it’s a redbook disc so I can enjoy the music until I get a PS2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Is SFAC worth it? like, is it comparable to the other ones, ie the first one.


Killer Instinct. The original. $2, if I remember right. :3

Unfortunately, I forgot it back at my dad’s house… >.<

I just picked up Monster Hunter about an hour ago. I’ll probably start a thread about it tomorrow once a get to play a little more.

Street Fighter Anneversary Collection. I wont need to buy anything else for a long while…

Anyway, theres also the fact that my friend let me borrow Neverwinter Nights (I lost my copy when I moved, son of a bitchshitassmorecursing) and I am LOVING the new updates and the “plot wizard” makes the tool kit SOOOO MUCH COOLER!

I haven’t bought games in months… the last one I picked was Fire Emblem 7 =P

Far Cry. Next on my list is Star Ocean:Till the End of Time.

Pokemon: Fire Red

Last game I bought was Metal Gear: Ghost Babel. Next game would be MGS3: Snake Eater.

Final Fantasy X for about 15 bucks at my GameStop.

Good deal.

I bought it to try to give it another shot, and well, I’m pretty much near the end of the game now, so I think I liked it since I understand it more.