What is the best action RPG game for Xbox 360?

I am looking to buy a new action RPG games. But I don’t know which one is the best. I want something close to World of Warcraft.

If you want an MMO like experience, try Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. They’re not fantasy games though. Other good action non-wow like action RPGs are Tales of Vesperia (JRPG) and Mass Effect 1/2. Would you guys say Dragon Age is an action RPG? Its a fantasy RPG, but its also heavy on story and dialogue. Fable 2 and 3 focus heavily on questing and its a hack and slash RPG, but the combat is not as complex as WoW. Those are the best games that come to mind.

There’s Neir, which is an awesome (but not for everybody) Zelda clone (among other things), and Resonance of Fate, an odd game where you have three gunmen flip out and gun shit down (in a weird anime meets John Woo fashion). Otherwise those are pretty much it as far as decent to good ARPGs are concerned.

As for Resonance of Fate, the game through me into a battle before I could reach the training area and I promptly died as my characters sat around the edges of the area quivering while some guy shot them. I’m not interested in what kind of mechanic caused that reaction. I just want to know how anyone thought doing that to a player 15 minutes into the game without letting them save first was a good idea. I think I might be getting old, because most RPG titles have been nothing but a string of disappointments over the last few years.

There’s also Oblivion, obvious choice that it might be.

I would hardly call that an action RPG. Oblivion bored me to tears. I wouldn’t really call Fallout an Action RPG either. The first Marvel Ultimate Alliance, though, I would, and is fairly good if not mundane and easy. Next year though there are several coming out - most notably Dungeon Siege III.

Unfortunately the game doesn’t do the best job explaining itself, especially since you have to go to the arena to get those explanations (it helps if you’ve played VP2 previously), but once you get the hang of it kinda gets better since it doesn’t really change things up afterwords. But the rest of the game isn’t that bad afterwords despite the issues and can actually be funny at times (including a chapter solely devoted to three gunmen flipping the fuck out in reindeer/santa costumes throwing presents at children in a weird anime meets John Woo fashion and I’m seriously not making this crap up). It’s basically the best thing to come out of Tri-Ace by far (or at least since VP1).


That said, it’s not you RPT. RPGs really have become even more slavishly bound to the bog standard this gen than any other due to all the problems the genre’s facing right now. Since FFXIII took way too long and was underwhelming at best, there’s [STRIKE]no real genre leader[/STRIKE] only Monster Hunter for the rest of the genre to copy off of. Then there’s the handheld titles which are a mixed bag themselves given at how many developers are banking on the ‘softcore porn’ factor or remakes of far better games from a far better era. Additionally, the advent of RPGSs (RPGShooters) like Mass Effect, Bioshock, Boarderlands, Oblivion, and Fallout 3 among others have rendered CRPGs obsolete given the fact that the do everything CRPGs do but as FPSes which are currently in season to the point of saturation. Online gaming has supplanted solo adventures (and solo gaming in general) which means that MMOs are the game of choice for many RPG developers hounding for a scrap or two of that delicious pie that WoW fiendishly hoards (so to speak). The tl;dr is that if you’re looking for CRPGs, look elsewhere, FPSes are the name of the game for consoles at the moment and your only concessions are RPGSs and remakes on handhelds.

And then there’s cellphones…:hyperven:


OH! This is relevent. I read on Joystiq that Blizzard is hiring to possibly port a version of Diablo III to consoles. Not a direct port, a variation or a spin off or something. And they’re just hiring, not developing.

Borderlands is a game I would throw in this hat, even though it’s primarily a first person shooter it’s Diablo-ish multiplayer puts it square in the Action RPG genre in my book.

Diablo for consoles isn’t announced yet because there is nothing to announce. They’re exploring the idea to see whether or not it can work. Until then, no one has any idea as to whether or not it will go through. Also, considering how long Blizzard takes to make games, I wouldn’t hold my breath here.

I think I said that. Besides, a console development cycle may hasten their process. May not.But it’s fun to think about, I probably won’t be buying a computer anytime soon.