What is that theme called?

That theme that plays when fighting Gilgamesh, and while going along the hy00j bridge in World 2 in FFV.


That would be “Battle With Gilgamesh”. It’s the song played during all the battles as well as on the Big Bridge.

Thanks! Where do you get all these names? I mean, is there a list?

It’s also often called “Battle on the Big Bridge.”

This site:

<a href=“http://altpop.com/stc/reviews/index.htm”>Check it out, has a number of tracklists</a>

says “Clash” instead of battle.

I guess song titles vary, as different people translate the track names and end up with different song names.

It’s called “Battle With Gilgamesh” on the OSV and redone as “Clash on the Big Bridge” on the Black Mages album. “Battle on the Big Bridge” is the only title I’ve never officially heard it called. But what do I know? All that’s important is it’s a kickass song!

I’ve got some rock style version of it, I think it’s the Black Mages though. I dunno, but it sounds good.

I can see why you would want it that is one of my favorite songs in that game


It rocks that much.

Oh, if anyone has the song, in Mp3 or Mp2 format, please send it to me. ; ;

WinMX no work.