What Is My First Name??

All right, it’s time to spoil it.

My first name is Daniel.

I actually posted it in one of the “confessional” threads, but for the sake of not reviving them I decided not to link them

Change your name to Dizzy, so I can win.

Hey! I guessed too!

:fungah: -Sure you did.

No, really!

:fungah: -Riiight.

I calculated it had the highest probability to be, based on being a more common male name than the others.

:fungah: -You’re pathetic, Martinez.

AHH, SCREW YOU! Anyway, nice to meet you Daniel (or do you prefer Dizzy?)

And yeah, Polanski is a sad case, he directed “The Pianist” but could not attend the Oscars for fear of being arrested for seducing a minor as soon as he steps on American soil. (He should have stayed and faced the charges instead of fleeing the country.)

Also, his wife was Sharon Tate, one of the victims of the Manson Family massacre.

Much to my surprise, 4 people actually voted “Big” as my first name, which was the second most voted for choice.

Hello there <s>Big</s> Daniel!

Heheh, ‘big’.

Meh, I was close.

No, you’re wrong, Dizzy. Your name is Roman. You just don’t know it yet.

The real challenge is guessing my first name.