What Is My First Name??

Ok I’m bored and can’t come up with an original poll. So I am asking you guys to guess my first name. I stole the idea from KP. so here goes.

Roman! Roman Polanski!

I know that name. From where?


drunk king?


I’ll spoil the answer in a few days.

need a few more votes first.

I vote Kyle Burton!


I’d vote Seven, just 'cause it definately is not your first name, but I’ll go with Dizzy.

I’m saying Daniel. Because which such a strange personality, you need a boring name.

I vote that no body cares.



Kyle. Behold the power of random selection.

I voted for Daniel since it would give reason for the D in your name. It is also low enough on the list that it could be missed and not at the bottom to make it easy to spot.

Roman Polanski is a movie actor, Cala. I don’t know what he’s been in.

You seem like a Kyle, so if your name’s not Kyle, you should change it to Kyle. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s also wanted in the UK. Pedophilia I think.

Well then. Apparently he’s been in little children.

You could have just not posted the thread at all?

Actually, he’s wanted in the US for statutory rape.

Roman Polanski