What is BotD?

And where can I get more of it? But seriously, what the hell? I’m sure everyone demands answers!

Babe of the Day. and tomorrow.

If I may ask, why are you doing that? It’s probably going to get you warned…

Why should it ? I double checked and it doesent violate any rules. Kinda surprised (but not that much) it was closed.

It’s kind of Spam.

Charl, not really, the rule says

  • No spamming about your site or message board

this is just something fun. nothing for anyone to get their shoelaces crossed about.

Added as an afterthought: maybe i shoudl only post pics of anime chicks ? or chicks from RPG’s ? any idea’s PM me !

"This is an odd rule since it leaves much to interpretation, but if too much completely senseless posting is done just for the heck of posting or to get a higher rank in the posting levels is done, then you will be warned. "

Spam is typically senseless posting and that was senseless. That’s why Charle called it spam, now cut the fucking bull shit Nate.

Sin, it says “too much senseless posting” one post a day isn’t too much. or is it ?

Yet another afterthought: wanna put it to a vote and see what everyone els thinks ?

Re read. It says if you do it too much you get warned then banned. It doesn’t say I can’t close senseless threads. Senseless threads are closed. Fact of life.

Doesent matter to me that you close em. I just have fun postin it.

And if you do it too much and ignore warnings, you’ll be banned. Its explicitely said. There’s no point in you saying you’re just sayign its for fun other than to give yourself an illusion of power over events which you can’t control , so you can satisfy your ego and feel good that you’re “bad” for asserting yourself on the mbs (like you tried in the chat). This thread is useless and going nowhere. If you wanna continue this , pms , email.

Hey Nate? Are you on the mod list? Oh, you’re not. It’s not up to you to decide how much or little the rules define- that’s our job. Have fun- keep having fun posting them and knowing what you’re doing is just getting you 1 step closer to being banned. Have a nice night.

I’m tempted to tell Charl to shrink his sig but its too funny!