What is better?

Pac-Man or Mrs Pac-Man? I say Pac-Man, but I hear lots of people like Mrs better. I need to know, cuz i’m gonna get one of those arcade tables. those are the coolest things ever.

If you like more difficult games my opinion is Mrs Pac-Man is harder. That would also be my choice.

Mrs. Pac Man has more level variety, doesn’t it? Then that’s probably the better choice.

Charle, how much is an arcade table, usually?

You fools! It’s Pac Man Jr!

And all recent Pac games sucked. That is all.

I’ve always preferred the original.

Ms. Pac Man :smiley:

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women.

I agree with GG. I like the original more, but just for that reason.

Also, I wouldn’t waste money on an arcade game like either of those, but it’s your choice. I’d just get emulators/roms and keep the cash for savings/school/car, etc.

I used to have a Pac Man board game. We never actually played it.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever played the original arcade Pac Man. Ms. Pac Man must have had like 100 times the arcade saturation as its predecessor, cause that’s all I’ve ever seen.

Mrs. :slight_smile:

The neat thing about that is that Mrs. Pac Man was more or less a romhack of the classic Pac-Man by people outside of Namco. They sold the game to Namco, and made lots of money. 8)

In my local arcades they always had Mrs. Pac Man. I don’t know why they never had Mr. Pac man.

The original. I suck at Mrs.

I’ve only ever played Mrs. Pac-man, so I can’t really say which one is better… … … … … … GO MRS. PAC-MAN!!

I was thinking the same thing about arcade presence, Kero. I’ve idly wondered about that for years.

I remember going to Pizza Hut when I was little and waiting for a takeout order - they had a Galaga/Mrs. Pac Man game table, and it was so cool!

Pac Man is a bit easier IMO, but I like Mrs. Pac Man better.

It has to be the big guy for me, of course. Can’t beat the original.

I’ve only played Mrs. Pacman on genesis, so I’d probably go with that one.

Meh I like Mrs. Pac Man better but I’d have to say Pac Man is better just because he came first.