what is best smelling country in the world

well. What country best serves your nose?

What the hell kinda shithole question is this?

What? How would I know?

Probably Australia just because of the ratio of people to space.

not asslevania, thats for sure.

I would say Canada because it has that piney, car freshner smell.

Your mom…oh wait she’s not a country, but she’s big enough to be declared one. I ahven’t really been to too many countries, but I know that Iraq and south of the border are not good smelling areas.

Actaully, I only really repleid to this for the your mom joke. It was an excellent in my shallow mind.


I was going to say Norway; but then I opened my bedroom window.

Mexico, mmm… spicy mexican salsa.

Mexico, mmm… Cocaine.

No! Salsa, honest!


The netherlands… or to be more precise… the region I live in… hardly any industry so hardly any smell… and in a coffeeshop (where you buy your weed /for the unknowing) it always smells good