What instruments would FF characters play?

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[b]Lets see, a FF band, now that is a novel idea!

Well I think I’ll use the FF7 crew:

Cloud would be on Electric Guitar.
Vincent would be on Bass Guitar.
Cid would be on Keyboard.
Sephiroth would be on Saxaphone.
Aeris on lead vocals.
Tifa + Yuffie on back-up vocals.

I think that would make a very interesting band, IMO! [/b]

That would make a shitty band. There’s no drums.

I think the best band would be Ultros on drums, cause he has 8 arms, he could do crazier drum solos than the great Bonzo from Zeppelin. Gilgamesh would be shredding on the electric guitar, perhaps a flying V, and with his speed, he’d be excellent in a thrash band. Vocals maybe Chupon, for death metal vox, or perhaps Odin, if you wanna go all power metal or viking metal. Bassist… that’s tough… hmmm, maybe a tonberry, if you want a doom metal sort of sound, really slow and menacing. A cactuar might make a cool guitarist, pulling off some crazy technical solos.

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That would make a shitty band. There’s no drums.

Well there is no need to be rude about it, well anyway taking the idea from Rountree, I could always switch Cid from the keyboard to the drums!! Do you think that would make it a better band?

FF IV group

Palom and Porom: Special effects

Cecil: Dark Knight: Drums Paladin: Violin

Rosa: Viola

Edge: Drums

Rydia: Lead singer

Kain: Guitar

Edward: Harp (naturally)

I’ll add more later

I may have missed it but…Celes hasn’t been said to be a lead vocalist, has she?I mean the whole opera stint…I’m betting she’d be a good singer.:wink:

And screw “groups” let’s talk singers!:kissy:


The ULTIMATE boyband!

Help us Obi Wan! This is insanity!

Well, doing an individual Game group, for FFVI:

Terra: Backup Bass
Celes: Main Vocalist.
Edgar: Mmm, the Keyboard?
Gau: The Drums.
Setzer: Special Effects.
Sabin: The Roadie.
Relm: The Groupie.
Gogo: Whatever the hell he wants to play.

Gogo wouldn’t do very well in a band since he’d only be able to play whatever someone else was playing.

I think Edgar would play the saw like they did on Sesame Street.

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Gogo wouldn’t do very well in a band since he’d only be able to play whatever someone else was playing.

Not neccesarily. Remember, he could also do the same things as anyone else, if you equipped him with it, so he could play just as well as any other person on Earth!

Gogo would make an excellent rhythm guitarist.

I have to say this would be a great band indeed…

Lead Vocals: 2, Celes and Aeris
Electric Drums: Edgar
Guitar: 3, Cloud, Spehrioth, and Sabin :slight_smile:
Keyboard: Rosa
Harp: Edward
Eiko: Flute.

I’d like to see Auron playing one of those little brown jugs that you blow into. 8)