What instruments would FF characters play?

Now this is a really weird question but if some Final Fantsy characters started a band what would they play? Characters can cross over between games or you can stick with one game. And you can cheat and keep characters that use intruments as their weapons with the sma instrument. Eiko with her flute, El Kabong wiht his guitar :p.

Like I always pictured Squall playing bass guitar, so he could do something but stay out of the spotlight. Zell would take care of being the frontman. Irvine would probably play acoustic.

That’s just an example.

I think the most awesome band would probably involve Umaru on drums, Squall on bass guitar (because he is, indeed, an obvious bass player), and Cloud on guitar + lead vocals… maybe.

Tifa on the Bongos! What…?

I picture someone like Cecil or Kain playing the Guitar. Oh, but Cloud would definitely be Electric. Tifa and Rydia, I see being the backup dancer/singers, with Aeris on Keyboard. i got a few others, but I can’t go into detail now.

Tifa + bongos mm…

I mean… uh, I think that Tidus would be the first to sign up for the FF boy band.

Lets see, a FF band, now that is a novel idea!

Well I think I’ll use the FF7 crew:

Cloud would be on Electric Guitar.
Vincent would be on Bass Guitar.
Cid would be on Keyboard.
Sephiroth would be on Saxaphone.
Aeris on lead vocals.
Tifa + Yuffie on back-up vocals.

I think that would make a very interesting band, IMO!

Cloud on Electric Guitar
Squall on Bass Guitar
Zell on Drums
Sephiroth as Lead Vocalist for garage band feel, Garnet or Aeris otherwise.

Or there could be a boy band with Tidus, Zidane, and Sephiroth. All Zidane would have to do is cover up the tail, and Sephiroth already has the voice of a boy band member in Kingdom Hearts.

Barret would own on the saxaphone if he had both hands.

Steiner could play the drums if he wasn’t such a stuck up prick. I just can’t imagine him in a band.

Can’t anyone else imagine Tifa as a Britney Spears prototype?

The FF8 Band:

Lead Vocals: Seifer (because he has the asshole “I’m the focus of everything” attitude that all good frontmen must have).

Lead Guitar: Irvine (he just LOOKS like a guitarist, doesn’t he?)

Keyboards: Squall (because it requires quite a lot of technical proficiency but also allows you to be off in the corner and in your own world)

Drums: Selphie

Bass Guitar: It would start out as Zell, but they’d kick him out in favor of Rinoa because she’s a lot prettier. She’d barely be able to play, but nobody would care. And the tension between her, Squall, and Seifer would quickly split the band up.

Originally posted by Jenova’s Witness
Can’t anyone else imagine Tifa as a Britney Spears prototype?

Well Tifa has the “juggie” appeal, but I don’t think that she would quite fit in to the Britney Spears mold.

Cloud: Lead Vocals
Irvine: Acoustic Guitar
Zell: Drums
Squall: Keyboard
Quistis: Co-vocals
Zidane: Electric guitar

Smilie Band!

:ulty:: Drums
:): Bass Guitar
:p: Electric Guitar
;): Lead Vocals
:o: Evil Laugh

Yes! Ulty would own on the drums, what with the 8 legs and all.

Nah, Ulty would be like the Special Effects guy! he certainly has the flair for it!

I’ll use the FF7 crew also . . .

Cloud: Electric
Sephiroth: Bass
Yuffie: Drums
Tifa: Keyboard (she already is a pianist . . . sorta . . .)
Vince: Vocals (he just has that stereotypical rock band leader hairstyle y’know)

First album: The Black Mages II (I think there should be a second, anyone agree?)

yeah, I think that’ll be a good band . . .

Hmm, hadn’t thought of that, Val. Very true.

Smilie folk band!
:moogle:: fiddle
:): bagpipes
;): flute
:enguard:: Vocals, Acoustic guitar
:wave:: banjo, vocals
:ulty:: spoons

I don’t know, I think that ulty would be great for the keyboard. He could play several at once. But since he doesn’t have fingers xylophones would be great for him too.

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
Cid would be on Keyboard.

Cid is WAY too aggressive for keyboard.

I think Cloud would be on bass, he seems to like things that are bigger than normal… No, that has no application to Vincent’s dick. Maybe on vocals too.

Squall would be lead guitar.

Vincent is on guitar and vocals.

Selphie is the drummer!

Anybody with Anything but an Ocarina.
Ocarinas are for Zelda serie. Wind waker had a Sob stick

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