What in the!?

Okay, how is it that I’ve now got 2147 posts without my noticing going over 1500??


Alien brain control

Unconsciously-typed ‘Your mom’ jokes.

Heheh…it can kinda sneak up on you, can’t it? :hahaha;

Maybe you stopped paying attention to your post count because you realized comparing it to other people’s is like a penis measuring contest. Or more likely your other personalities have been in control while you were making the posts.

P.S. Did you have to put the Soviet Russia poem in your sig?

You’re just that good.

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
Okay, how is it that I’ve now got 2147 <strike>posts</strike>penis envy without my noticing going over 1500??

Maybe you hacked the boards and increased the post count in your sleep?

Voodoo magic.
Piratey voodoo magic.

A wizard did it.

A Wizard-Pirate used VooDoo Magic.

A Wiazrd-Pirate-Ninja did it with Voodoo magic.


CLOSD. :stuck_out_tongue:

By posting useless threads like this one.

Yar hardly ever posts threads.

And yeah I stopped looking at my post count awhile ago too.

Soviet Russia posted you… runs for cover

Originally posted by GunsmokeMist
Soviet Russia posted you… runs for cover

Gee, you’re a funny one. Using a joke that veryone hates. Wit just pours from you.:fungah:

You hadn’t known that before? Well then who’s the rocket surgeon now? I know i am not funny/cute but thats the way i like to act. I haven’t used the joke that much, but i guess i just like being different in using it maybe to piss others off because it’s a silly thing to get annoyed about. But then i get annoyed by stupid commericals, my moms jingly keys, people talking during a show i’m watching, dumb hyper dogs, etcera. It seems here that if a joke or trend starts getting used excessively everyone’s rectum starts tighting up, i guess i just wish people would just get away from the chat/forum and take a day off if someone/something bothers them.

No offense Info, but imho, GSM would cause less harm if she made one hundred dumb soviet russia jokes than you would with a single comment of yours because you’ve been pretty hostile recently. ô.o

My only reason for commenting on it is because we had a thread about how these sort of jokes had ot stop since they were stupid and way overused.