What has everyone been watching this year?

Bleach and Tsubasa are the shows everyone’s been watching

Pierson: Quattro! We should start a Quattro love circle when you finish Zeta.

Sin: If you liked Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing and Mobile Suit Gundam (original) have very similar (read: Almost cut-and-pasted) storylines, and masked, blond, badass villain characters, and Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Team is, if you ask me, the storytelling peak of all the gundam series. If you like Cowboy Bebop, stuff like Wolf’s Rain and Samurai Champloo (All made with much of the same team) should be up your alley, too. They all have pretty good dubs. Grave of the Fireflies, although not that much like either of the movies you mentioned, I also have to reccomend, it’s a very strong anti-war movie.

08th MS Team (Try to watch this every year. It’s not that long, and my favourite of all the Gundams, probably.)
Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam (I’d forgotten all about 'till a fateful trip to China town, and now I’m addicted again)
Cowboy Bebop (Classic.)
Fooly Cooly (Classic.)
Macross: Love, Do you Remember? (I need to remember: movies of series are usually bad)
Serial Experiments Lain (just for the Illuminati references)
Akira (Because I am an Otomo Katsuhiro fanboy. The movie isn’t very good. Still.)

Wolf’s Rain (Mehsville)
Berserk (BiG SwOrDs ArE cOoL d00d! lolz!)
Gundam Seed Destiny (Somebody should’ve warned me. God damn.)
GaoGaoGaiGar (Pierson is a damned good man for reccomending this)
Princess Tutu (almost amusing enough to restore my taste in my now ex-girlfriend’s anime taste, but. . .)
Fruits Basket (. . . ruined that.)
Samurai Showdown (Further proof that SNK should just kill anyone interested in making an anime of any of their games. Period.)
Perfect Blue (creepy in a good way)
Gen Roh: The Wolf Brigade (Not bad, but not spectacular either.)
Steam Boy (Awesome animation. Widely reccomended.)
GaoGaoGaiGar FINAL (What’s that, Pie? You don’t speak Japanese? Aww!)

Started Watching:
Mezzo Forte (Ooops! Hentai!)

Let’s play a game: Guess why your opinions on this matter are entirely irrelevant.

I’ll give you three clues: Argentina, Spanish Language, and Dubbing.

See if you can sort it out.

If you liked SEED watch Mobile Suit Gundam (the movies), 08th MS Team, Zeta Gundam and Char’s Counterattack, in that order. These are all based in the Universal Century and are the true Gundam timeline.

I can’t recommend anything similar to Bebop because Bebop is pretty unique. You could try Outlaw Star and Samurai Champloo I guess.

What about Double Zeta Gundam? Doesn’t it happen before Char’s Counterattack?

I’ve got all of the UC series on my HD, except for Gundam 0083 and 0080, but haven’t watched them all.

How’s 08th MS Team, and Victory Gundam?

Mai-Hime - Pretty nice series and seemed to apply aspects of many genres together well. I didn’t think that the ending was as bad as some people made it out to be. Nothing compared to the last few episodes but it didn’t leave me with a “this totally sucks” feeling like another series.

Gundam SEED Destiny - My views are pretty much the same as the ones that have been posted before. Very nice start and seemed to have a lot of potential but it didn’t follow through somewhere at the halfway point.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Fun and cute series even though I had most of it spoiled to me beforehand. A lot of likeable characters and decent storyline. I’ll probably pick up the manga sometime.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - I was looking for another magical girl series after CCS and saw this title recommended a few times. The first few episodes are very CCSish but it changes gears and has shounen style fights. Nothing overly drawn out but just a lot of power blasts and shouting of attack names. The story wasn’t as good as I hoped but still decent and action scenes were very well done.

Currently Watching:
Mai Otome/Mai Zhime - As said before, Mai-Hime cast in a totally different setting some mix of fantasy and near-future tech. First few episodes seem pretty intriguing even though the main character is extremely annoying but Shizuru and Nagi make up for her.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s - Direct sequel to the first series. No magical girl stuff to go through in the beginning and goes straight to the action. More power blasts and collateral damage and what looks to be a better story than last season. I hope this series continues this level of quality.

Yeah but I tend to ignore it since it’s kind of silly.

Victory is shit. 08th MS Team is a goddamn triumph.

I’m currently watching whatever’s on Toonami and Adult Swim.

Toonami - I’ve enjoyed Naruto so far (believe it!), One Piece is okay, Zatch Bell is oddly compelling.
Adult Swim - struggling to finish Inu Yasha (hell, I’ve seen this many episodes already), FMA totally rocks with Samurai Champloo, s-CRY-ed is okay…

Finished - Paranoia Agent (great, but I probably won’t watch it again), Samurai Deeper Kyo (GOD let this be over, please), Fushigi Yugi (typical teenage girl dreamy, but hey, it brings me back to my more imaginative days), Gundam Seed (the first Gundam series I’ve actually finished, and a good one at that, but too much flashback and recap), Fruits Basket (and I LOVED it, so hush people lol)… I know I’m forgetting something.

Repeat performances - Kare Kano (damn that ending, I needed the Asaba Dinner Show), Hellsing (awesome but short), Evangelion (this time I went Platinum and I can’t go back), whatever repeated on AS (like FLCL, Wolf’s Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, some Detective Conan and Lupin)… probably forgetting more stuff here too.

I’d like to see more Gundam series (and finally finish Wing, I kept missing episodes when it aired). I’m currently watching Saiyuki on DVD, and I just LOVE it.

Only watch the first 5 and last 5 episodes of Samurai Champloo. The rest will make you wish you had never heard of the series.

Victory is one of the best gundam series. Talk about non stop action

Seraph: What? You mean all the Animes you mentioned are airing in Argentina in SPANISH?? Oh man! That reminds me of how back in the 70’s, we used to get all sort of cool Anime in Spanish like Mazinger and Harlock. It’s been a LONG time since we got any stuff via Latin America, these days almost all toons here are just dubbings of American shows. T_T

Even so, I used to watch a lot of Anime by renting it at a local store, but it closed years ago. I have since then found another, but it’s in another city so I can’t visit it regularly. And I don’t do that downloading stuff (even if I wanted, my PC probably lacks the software) so I’ve settled for watching what’s on the air. Mainly on G4 and Cartoon Network, though G4 seems to have veered into the type of “noir” anime I don’t like. The last show I saw there that I liked was Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. That WAS a lot of fun, however. :slight_smile:

I used to watch Dragonball and Yuyu Hakusho on Cartoon Network. Hey, did they ever finish airing the latter? I don’t think so.

Most of the current stuff on Adult Swim doesn’t appeal to me. And anyway it’s on too late- I used to tape it but I got tired of shows like Inu Yasha pretty quickly. The only one that holds my interest -and even I don’t know why!- is Zatch Bell. :stuck_out_tongue:
Naruto and One Piece are Ok, but not compelling enough for me to watch regularly.

My favorite Anime show of all time has turned out to be- YUGI-OH! And NO, not for the card game; in fact I only started playing that recently. It’s because of the original and well-developed story, the characters (especially Yami, that’s my kinda hero, Supersmart but Kind-Hearted), the message of friendship, and, yes, the cool Monster Designs. There are things I hate about the show- the way they ALWAYS explain every move in a duel before, during AND after they play it :ark: and Kaiba’s arrogance; but in general, I’ve rarely enjoyed an Anime this consistently in years.

I’ve started watching the follow-up, Yugioh-GX, but I don’t like it so much; first of all the idea of a school- complete with Campus Guard!!- just for teaching a CARD GAME is absurd; and I haven’t clicked with any of the characters so far. No true Yami equivalent yet, but there’s a Kaiba Wannabe already, arrgh. But the series is just starting, and Animes are notorious for changing during the course of the show, so I’m still giving it a chance.

What surprises me is that I’ve found myself watching more American cartoons lately, some of them are being quite witty. Among the ones I like are Avatar, Teenage Robot (was that cancelled?), Danny phantom, Juniper Lee and Jimmy Neutron.

Anyway, my current do-not-miss Toon List right now is: Yugioh, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans, Zatch Bell, and Avatar.

Oh, and Noir. Seeing the word above reminded me.

edit - Tell me more about GetBackers! I’ve been interested in checking it out.

Since Locomotion got replaced by Animex, their failed attempt to air subbed anime went down the drain (It was a great idea, but it resulted in too many problems).

Sadly, they used a Venezuelan studio instead of the more experienced Mexican ones. The voices all fit their characters and no editing/censoring has been done, but they still make a few mistakes like leaving the Japanese text untranslated (Like when the name of a location appears at the bottom of the screen) without even a narrator or some strange things like how the characters spell “Get Backers” in perfect English, but would not stand for “Fullmetal” which was translated to “Acero” (Steel). Every time I hear “El Alquimista de Acero” a little piece of my soul dies.

I have to admit the voice acting is pristine (Alucard’s voice is AWESOME) although since they used the same cast for all of them, I eventually end up recognizing who does who on each show. It’s pretty fun and surprising how some actors twist their voices to fit so many character so well. As an example, Bear from .hack//SIGN also does Ginji Amano from Get Backers, Darcia from Wolf’s Rain and the doctor guy from Vandread.

Gundam X: Awesome Incarante. WMD mounted on a Gundam, Bit MSs of said Gundam, and random stuff i found to be great.

Samurai Deeper Kyo: I’m not picky. But it’s not all that bad.

Battle Programmer Shirase: Love it, don’t know why.

Gatekeepers: Worth watching once, but nothing really outstanding. A bit too… generic, I guess.

8th MS Team: What made Gundam awesome for me. So, i guess I just love it for reasons i don’t really know.

Irresponisble Captain Tylor: Tylers just awesome in his everything will be fine attitude.

GTO: Meh, it was better just reading the manga. Still the Awesome that is Onizuka, though.

Soul Taker: I liked the style.

Tenjo Tenge: Faithful to the manga, and one of the best fighting series i’ve seen.

Vandread: I guess i just like giant robots?

GSD: Liked it, but since I haven’t seen it all yet, It might take a nose dive.

All in all, I’m probably the least picky guy when it comes to watching thigns, so eh, evverything could be total crap.

Gravitation; I watched the chinese english sub. The subtitles are awful, but I really enjoyed it anyways.
Peacemaker; I’m enjoying this one, mostly because I’m watching it with the anime club and my friend is a big fan of slash so listening to her while it’s on is entertaining.
Monster; it’s interesting, but it’s annoyingly predictable.
Honey and Clover; I have yet to notice any ongoing plot(aside from the occasional hint at romance), but it’s really funny. The opener is cool/weird.
Azumanga daioh(sp?); I read the first manga of it, it was funny.
Escaflowne; I have seen two episodes of it, and I want to watch the rest, but there’s no time nor place for me to just sit down and watch it all. Stupid dead compy.
I was also following a lot of stuff that was on toonami and adult swim, but there’s no cable here. I can’t watch any of those 'till I go home for winter break.
Every two sentences says “It was really funny” …I need a thesaurus.

Kairi why don’t you go away. Nobody knows who you are

I finished watching ROD The T.V. That’s such an awesome series.

I’m watching Naruto right know. It’s alright, but they talk a little too much.

Thank you, Wil, for reminding me about Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. That was a funny series and it deserves to be mentioned.

Gatekeepers 21: I’ve seen about 2/3 of this series and I want to see it all. Too bad G4 doesn’t show it so often, and it’s so short it doesn’t stay on for long.

KaiserBasara I have some news for you.


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What are you talking about? I’m pretty updated on the gaming and anime scene

I will say one thing, I’ve been into posting jokes lately

And you don’t go to boards to contribute. YOu go to have a good time. Even so, I post original opinions

And I wish I could leave the board but I"m too addicted to it. I waste so much time here, and check it compulsively. Maybe it would be nice if I got a temporary IP ban. And if I want back in, I’ll go email tenchimaru draconis

That right there is exactly what he’s talking about.

For most of us, having fun on a message board involves more than: OMG Gundam R0X0RZ! EVA SUX0RZ!

Meanwhile, on topic…
Getbackers was a lot of fun. The basic idea is that there are these two guys, Ban and Ginji, who run a business getting back lost/stolen things. Things they’re hired to recover vary from a girl’s little plush kitten made for her by her mother, to a Stradovarius violin, to a component for a nuclear weapon. Ginji, who once was the Lightning Emperor, leader of a Gang called the Volts, can generate lightning, and has a pair of gloves called the Gloves of Invincibility. Ban has incredible crushing strength in his arm, is incredibly fast, and has Jagen (the Evil Eye) which causes a victim to see an illusion of Ban’s choosing. There are about 8 more regular characters, many of which also have unique talents. There are a couple large plot arcs, a large number of one-shot episodes, and a couple smaller plot arcs. It’s got lots of action and a decent bit of comedy, although it has serious moments. Overall, I’d give it ***1/2 out of 5 stars.

Also, I <3 Kazuki.

Series finished:
Samurai Champloo
Love Hina
X (TV series)
Lost Universe
Kono Minikuke ga Itsukishi Sekai (sp?) roughly translated to “This Ugly and Beautiful World”
Elfen Lied (Multiple times)
possibly other as well

Series begun:
Banner of the Stars (episode 4-ish)
Naruto (up to episode 100-something)
Bleach (mid 30s)
Melody of Oblivion (episode 7-ish). Talk about unintentionally funny. One of the villains is called Millionaire Beaver. It makes sense in context, but it doesn’t make it less funny, hearing the Japanese voice actress declaring that she is “Millionaire Beaver”.
Ah! My Goddess! (the series)

Series I have no intention of finnishing: