What has everyone been watching this year?

Well it’s still two months of from 2006 but I’m bored and I’m guessing you are for reading this thread so hey! Talk about the stuff you’ve watched this year and maybe other people will be curious enough to watch them as well so you can have something to talk about. They don’t have to be currently-running, just whatever you watched.


My rabid mutterings about this series are well-documented in another thread. Giant Super Robots battle it out the fate of ZAH WORLD with more stock footage than a Gundam series but God what awesome stock footage it is.

Haibane Renmei
Nothing to say here. If you don’t know what HR I’m not going to spoil it for you.

Gundam SEED Destiny
What a piece of shit.

Now and Then, Here and There
A story about a nice optimistic boy who gets thrown forward through time into a depressing bleak apocalyptic landscape he has no business being in. It’s insanely depressing but still a good series. Don’t watch it if you’re feeling down.

Fuck you I’m not watching this series any more ;__; :bowser:

This had an awesome last half but a shitty shitty shitty final episode. Girls with AMAZING POWERS defend the world against evil monsters. Or at least they do at first. And Nagi is awesome.



Eureka 7
This is Eva if Anno had bothered to plan the goddamn plot ahead instead of waiting for each eipsode to finish before writing the next one. WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT.

Shakugan no Shana
Imagine Cardcaptor Sakura. Got it? Now imagine if Sakura was a merciless queen-bitch from hell with a huge katana and the supporting cast were all dead. There you go.

Alternate-universe Mai-HiME. All the old characters translated into a new world. It’s pretty fun and could be pretty cool since Midori and Mai are possibly evil. The main character is an annoying hick though.

Zeta Gundam
Literally just started watching this, only three eps down. It’s already cooler than Destiny could ever be mostly because QUATTRO.

Petopeto-san and Kamichu
Petopeto-san is like Azumanga Daioh with monsters as the classmates and Kamichu is like Miyazaki in series form. Both are awesome slice-of-life school-based shows. Watch them.

Sequel/prequel of Blood The Last Vampire. Shows promise.

Eyeshield 21
Ridiculous American Football-based series with BURNING PASSION RARRR.

Not much.

I finally managed to make myself finish Samurai Champloo a couple months ago.

Bleach is ongoing and will continue to be watched.

ROD TV is being quite awesome.

I tried to watch Peacemaker but it sucks too badly.

And I’m gonna start on Blood+ sometime this week, maybe even today if I have time.

Monster - Love it

Last Exile - meh

Naruto - meh

GTO - meh

One Piece - decent


GaoGaiGar- Awesomeness, will re-watch sometime later >_>

Gundam Seed Destiny - Ugh

Turn A Gundam - Beautiful

G Gundam - It was a fun show, but Nobel Gundam really bothered me :frowning:

Mobile Suit Gundam - The movies were awesome :smiley:

Godannar - Fanservice and awesome mecha. Loved it.

Macross Plus - Awesome

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - Was good. Liked the darker atmosphere, but still funny at parts. Gates owned

Still Ongoing:

GaoGaiGar Final - Heh, ep4 was released yesterday. It was a good ep, but I am still waiting for a kickass ep like Ep 2 >_>

Blood + - shows promise

Shakugan No Shana - What Pierson said

Mai Zhime - The decision to make Mikoto a fat cat was an AWESOME decision.

Zeta Gundam - at ep 30, I am loving this series so much.

Noein - the first ep was interesting, but waiting for it to be subbed :frowning:

Eureka 7 - Goddamnit Nanashi, sub this instead of your damn lolicon animes >:(

Tekkaman Blade - watched the first 4 eps, and it was interesting. I like the way they misspell emergency. EMAGENCY

There is some more, but I can’t remember :frowning:

I suggest you just watch one show at a time

I suggest that KaiserBasara stop failing at posting. Not that there is a chance of that happening, but it’s still a suggestion.

Well you see apparently unlike you some people are able to hold the details of many different series in their minds at once, so no.

Yeah but watching too many gets you disorganized about what episode you’re on and you end up with a bunch of unfinished series because they got liscensed

His and Her Circumstances: Gold

X: corny at times, but has pretty good parts, particularly towards the end

Gundam Seed: Excellent

Gundam Seed Destiny: What the fuck happened?

I’m genuinely curious as to why you think being confused about a show’s progression and shows becoming licensed has any kind of connection.

Also shit yeah how did I forget Noein? NB ep 1 already been subbed. It looks pretty damn cool.

Also Gunbuster 2 ep 4 is released soon FUCK YEAH.

Oh shit! I heard Gunbuster Ep4 was awesome.

I predicted that Nono was the Diebuster itself, and I heard that I am right. Dunno though, I didn’t touch the raw

Ah, Noein was subbed…by AssSub? Heh, I’ll take whatever I get.

When it’s liscensed, that means you have to stop watching it, unless you wanna use DC++. Some people don’t use DC++

DC++ is my favorite p2p


Full Metal Alchemist


Samurai Champloo

I liked it. A lot. It’s a nice refreshing take on the boy-on-ship-full-of-horny-whores genre with a protagonist that actually stops making an ass of himself after two or three chapters, only one annoying bratty-type chick, a mandatory Rei Ayanami clone that actually speaks from time to time, ONLY ONE girl-slaps-boy-for-peeking-underwear scene and an overall cast where no one is purely moronic. Nice ending and hoping to see Second Stage soon.

Loved it. Even though they never got to the interesting part (read: Vol8). The lack of KICKASS VAMPIRE VICTORIA does show a bit too much, sadly.

Pretty good. I like the characters a lot, even though I recognized them as the typical stereotypes present in almost every H-game and the history was interesting enough. I only have two comments: First, some more bloodshed would have been nice, and second, I just couldn’t stop thinking about something like this every time I saw Ciel.

Wolf’s Rain
It didn’t really get my interest, but I watched it anyway. The ending was… I don’t know what the ending was.

Get Backers
Ahhh, homoerotic super-powered freaks, always a nice premise. It’s fun to watch and Ban is pretty cool.

Initial D
I expected more car action than this, the art is horrible and the races are too boring because THE DAMN KID ALWAYS WINS.

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker
Yoichi Takahashi might have tried to face his old masterpiece, Captain Tsubasa, from a different angle, but all he got was an offspring from it’s mating with Slam Dunk. It’s okay.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet
SOMEONE GETS TO DIE FOR THIS. You fuckers BLEW IT. They raped the story, the cannon, the consistency, the characters (Shugo is not an incestual freak in the manga and becomes cool towards the last few chapters, you assholes!). And Kajiura didn’t compose for it, which is even worse.

Martian Successor Nadesico
I’m liking it a lot. More when I finish seeing it.

Stratos 4
God, just no. It’s boring, uninteresting and the fanservice is so wrongly placed it ruins any possible climax a scene may have.

Fullmetal Alchemist
It still hasn’t caught up with the manga, so nothing big so far (And by that, I mean that nothing new has happened, I still love the story). I do like the manga bit better, the anime version makes the brothers a bit more “noble”, like in the first chapter where Al consoles Rose, even though in the manga they left without anything else but Ed’s subtle way of saying “fuck off, it’s not my problem”.

Prince of Tennis
Ugh. Between the annoying silent supposed-to-be-cool characters, the humanly-impossible moves, the exceedingly hyped matches and the way a character can run for fifteen minutes from one side of the court to another (Captain Tsubasa flashback, only much worse), I can’t decide what I liked less.

Hunter X Hunter
It’s interesting, but they bought an old dub and I can honestly say I’ve NEVER heard a worse VA than Gon’s. The plot, violence, etc is intact and the other characters have excellent VA’s, but Gon is just AWFUL. I still watch it though.

How’s the Mai-HiME anime in comparison to the manga?


Pita-Ten: I found a good download website, and seeing this (I already own two mangas), I decided to try it. I absolutely love it, but I know for a fact that it didn’t go into the whole backstory. Oh, well.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Awsomeness. Now if I could only see the movie.

FLCL: I <3

Cowboy Bebop: I liked it a lot. To bad my cable screwed up so I couldn’t see the end of the movie.

Paranoia Agent: Lil’ Slugger! Ha ha, yeah, it was good.


Bottle Fairy: It’s not the best, but it’s cute, and I like it so far.

Azumanga Diaoh: I’m almost done, and I love it like crazy.

Naruto: I really like it so far.

Bleach: I’ve only seen 4 episodes as of yet, it’s kinda like a mixture between FMA and Naruto, which is cool.

Princess Tutu: It’s so cute and funny and awsome and strange. XP

Tokyo Mew Mew: I love this anime so so much. Stupid computer with your slow downloadingness.

Alot better. The manga was pretty bad, IMO.

Gon’s voice kicks ass


None. ;_;


None! ;_;

Sadness I r.


In a word; shitty.

I really like Gundam Seed and Cowboy bebop. What’re a couple animes I could check out? Preferably with good dubs.