What happens...

…to people who actually find Internet Dating somewhat successful, but then they find out that all the ‘females’ are males who are joking around (which the rest of us find funny)? A few results that came to me…

1: Start going crazy and begin to get really, really hostile in both the real and virtual worlds.

2: Start taking desperation measures to cover it up, like they say that (insert nerve-racking event/item here) is coming soon.

3: Laugh it off and keep trying… poor bastards.

4: Call it quits on the whole concept of love in both worlds and be done with it.

5: Finally, best one… Realize their flaws, admit to having them, and try for the real deal.

Contributions welcome.

It’s not that hard to tell if a “girl” on the Internet is really a girl or not.

They accept that they were gay to begin with anyway.

I’ve talked to most of my online girl friends on the phone. And I do so regularly with 2.

So avoid any ‘girl’ that sounds, hmm, like you.

Uh, actually, I’ve been posing as a girl on another message board (and two MUSHes) for the better part of a year now, and no one seems to have noticed. Granted, I’m generally taciturn, and nowhere NEAR as well-known as Cala and Esker, but no one has questioned my femininity. It helps that, on one of the MUSHes, my character’s behavior consists almost entirely of purring and mewing and blushing whenever someone even says “sex,” but …

Yar, it doesn’t count if you’re not highly visible. 'cause you’re not being examined unless you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the topic… Why not? :wink:

You could be like BN and find out she really is a girl and knock her up.

I have no idea how to get into the mindset of someone willing to accept the idea of dating based off of only words that have no voice, face or posture behind them. Not to mention that when a person takes twenty seconds to long to reply in person its creepy, online its a slow connection (or slow typing skills, or a popular person who is talking to a lot of people, or a million other things), and the person is forgiven for taking time to formulate their next manipulative missive. [sorry, I can’t help but use a little alliteration from time to time. Its fun to hear poetics in my head, even if about online creeps.]

And on a side note, the evil adware that is making me to reformat my hard-drive tomorrow has highlighted the word dating, at every occurance within this thread, liking me to lonely single perverted men everywhere. How fitting. Reformat, here I come.

It’s not ALL the females, it’s just some. And none of the fake females here have tried to enter a romantic relationship with anyone just to mess with them. I’m sure it happens, but it’s not limited to the internet (I had a friend whose roomate left fake love notes from an anonymous “woman” to his other roomate.).

Commit suicide and live happily onwards.

Go insane and get vengance. Fun.

Dalton: You’d like to think that. Let us consider that not ALL people are half as intelligent as us.
DB: Vengeance is fun. Only if they live in your own town, though. As well, you can easily pull their own trick on 'em.

exactly, you just have to realize that girls arent real. All girls on the intro-net are boys.

staring at your avatar Yeah, like Cammy. shakes head, looks around Wait, what?

I met my boyfriend online… it’s tuff to explain, but if it weren’t for the internet I woulden’t have met the love of my life. Yes usually they don’t work out, and are pointless. But when you’re a furry, it’s really hard to find someone with the same interests around every corner.

I’ve been with him twice, staying with him and his family for week long periods, we live maybe six hours away driving wise, we are planning on getting an apartment together as soon as we can, but with him being in college, working around things have been hard.

Never the less, I beleive in soul mates, and I think I found mine.

a friend of mine met his girlfriend online. She came to his college just to be with him (thats a move from California to Wisconsin!)

So far, it seems to work out allright, allthough they spend most of their time togeather, and he rarely has time to do anything.

While I have nothing against meeting people online, I think its silly when thats the ONLY way people try to meet others. Which is all too common. My ex-roommate has met several hundred women in the past 2 years that I’ve known him. Maybe not several hundred, but at LEAST 50. And all of which seemed like cool “goth chicks” and he liked them… But guess what? They were all, 110% fucked the hell up. He goes up and down on this damn rollercoaster of meeting girls online and using dating services like “Hot or Not” just to end up back at point A. which is being alone.
I say its easier to judge someone’s personality in person as opposed to typing things out and watching a laggy webcam image.

But thats just me, and I like being social, so go figure.

You’re so lucky. ^.^