What happened to the Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara Arcade Shrine? (wip)

What happened to the Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Arcade) Shrine? (it was a work in progress the last time I checked, a long time ago)

If anyone knows where it went, could you link me to it? (or explain where it went)

Even if it was never finished, I still need to print out some of the nice information on several pages in the shrine. -_-

Any way to find out what it looked like right before it was taken down/moved/whatever?:wink: (assuming it wasn’t just moved somewhere else)


It’s still there. It’s busy being reviewed is all.

It’s mostly done… although I should probably rake it through with spellchecking and the removal of TD’s puns in mind.


You’re supposed to turn your head first. Asshole.

Hmmm 2 questions:

  1. What exactly do you mean by “being reviewed”?

  2. I used the search function on rpgclassics.com and typed in “Mystara”, it listed the shrine but when I clicked on the link, no link to the actual shrine was there (there WAS a link there before)

Why was the link gone? (and yes I know you just posted the link to it, I’m just wondering why my usual way of finding it didn’t work :wink:

  1. All shrines on rpgclassics are carefully peer reviewed by subject matter experts to ensure consistency of presentation and conformance with the high standards of the rpgclassics staff

In otherwords to ensure that the shrine isn’t a garbled mess of grammar & spelling inconsistencies and really bad puns.:suckah: