what happened to FF7AC?

it was sposed to come out this summer. summer is here. where is it!?

Naww… postponing a something which would undoubtedly rack up thousands upon thousands of dollars?! As IF! :hint:

They did postpone it. I think Evangelion or Eden said it was postponed till the fall.

Someone who is in charge of the mailbag should be familiar with the term “delayed”.

The release date I believe is just 2004 so you may find yourself using it as a Christmas gift.


Ah, I’m glad we’ve come back to the place where we can give the mailbag guys crap about it instead of it being UBRE taboo. That sucked, when it was like, 3 months late? Or was it even more?


Gut Eine.

FF7AC died and everybody rejoiced.

Actually, it’s going to released when PSP is released. I think.

I said what now? looks around I SWEAR IT WASN’T ME!

And I don’t know what happened to FF7AC, I ate it. =x


The gaming news sites release scans of Japanese magazines with new AC pics every week or two.

I’ve heard that, too. That’s really late…

Well I hope it doesn’t take them TOO long to release it.

Its going to come bundled with duke nukem forever and starcraft ghost