What happened to Cid?

I haven’t seen him in ages.

Assimilated in the Collective.

As I recall, he said that was getting pretty sick of this place. I’m assuming he left.

What’s to get sick of? This place is his home. It’s like having a child and abandoning while it’s still young.

He said he was posting in some other RPG community’s forum that reminds him of how this place used to be.

Let’s face it: this place is full of trolls and idiots. I’m only staying out of habit, and because I have a few friends here.

That’s an understatement. looks in mirror

The posting frequency has plummeted too. I just post out of habit myself.

He got a life. And it also isn’t about how this place used to be as much as a personal preference of what he finds interesting now than before.

B-b-b-b-but this means that-


I tremble at the thought too…

I run into him occasionally on TV Tropes. Oh, and he has a blog, The Role Playing Jew. Pretty good, too. :slight_smile:

When was RPGC how it “used to be”? 2004? 1998? Pre-Cidolfas mailbag? Post-mailbag? There are no Golden Eras, just people who make an effort. Sometimes, “I miss how it used to be” means “I miss how I used to be.”

The Bass Diffusion Model has been found to apply to most online communities:

I can go die for 2 hours and then come back if it’d help.

Touche. But what’s true of RPGC’s shrine-making is not necessarily true of its forums.

Here, imitators tend not to last long, while innovators stay a long time. So I’m curious if Cid misses old people who left, or thinks the remaining people have changed.

I think he made a thread about this.

I haven’t “officially” left. But as mentioned, there’s very little on this forum I feel obliged or interested to reply to. I check back every so often to see if that’s changed, but so far it hasn’t.

My current haunts are RPGamer, TVTropes and my blog.

To what address can we send cards and flowers?

I’ll just pick them up from you in E-town :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought we were talking about a different cid?