What happened earlier?

Why were all the threads different and everything was pink?

It was the 984’s fault.

Well, for the pink anyway.

Pink Caddy 4 eva, biach

We moved servers. You and a few others had the unfortunate experience of seeing the test Agora.

Shit, I missed the pink. Though there are brand new icons in the tabs (and plenty of threads marked as unread).

Oh, that explains…a lot.

Word, Trill. I’m still pink.

My eyes were bleeding.

I always miss the good stuff.

They wanted a #hamlet forum. I gave it to them, and then some.

The #hamlet is a lie, pay no mind to it. What you saw was merely swamp gas.

I only wish it was swamp gas.

Edit: Oh god the time stamps on posts are finally correct.

Ah, I kind of guessed that’s what the rather vague announcement at the top of the forums refered to.