What guys want

A Best Buy gift certificate is never a bad choice.

I think moeny would probably be better, money and a sweet card. Not only is money easy, but the guy can get what he wants with it.

Yes, but money is not something you give in a situation like that. At least I think money is something you give to kids and teenagers so they can go buy their toys, but you don’t give that to young adults.

edit: it shows that you don’t care for the person you’re giving it, or at least it’s the impression it causes me. “Here, don’t waste it all on candy, Kthxbye.”

Money is an AWFUL gift.

From my uncles and aunts, yes. But if a friend of mine wants to show friendship, I’d rather get a $100-worthy trinket than $100 raw.

edit: sorry, I misunderstood the word “awful” >_<

Money is a cheap cop-out gift. A gift like money shows that you don’t care enough to spend the time or brain energy to look for something that interests said person. It’s nice to get money from parents or family, but unless a friend owes me money, i’d rather get something with more meaning.

I’ll gladly take your money-gifts if you don’t want 'em. :smiley:

Eva, if you wanna get a guy the best gift EVAR you could buy it as if you were getting me a present… All I want for christmas is You or Trillian… But that makes me sound creepy so I’m going to go back into my hole.


Well money is definitely out of the question.

I buy guys shirts, unless I know them really well. Then I buy them silly little things that remind me of them.

So what do you buy steve?

Buy him a lot of these.

A lot of red X’s?

It’s a photo of a Hershey’s Skor chocolate bar.

I didn’t know anybody who ate those. I never sold one the entire year that I worked at a drug store.

It’s man’s best invention.


Why don’t you ask for a Christmas list?

Eva- Is this a guy who you are just friends with? Or is it a friend who you would like to pursue something with?

It makes a difference.

… I think this one really speaks for itself.

I sure wonder what Supes would want.

Sex, drugs, and rock n roll is all any man ever needs.