What guys want

I recall there being a “wtf do I buy for a girl” thread before (it HAD to exist at some point) thus, most of you now have the chance to educate the uneducated with something you should be able to help me with- what the hell do I buy for a guy for Christmas? I need to get something for my friend but I’m not too great when it comes to buying for BOYS. I was thinking about getting a gift certificate at a game store somewhere, but he doesn’t have his own console, therefore I am out of options!

Quick, tell me- what do I buy for a close, male friend? You know, something general and not too complex- or do I have to know everything he does in his spare time? What would be appropriate? Last year he boyishly thrust a yummy toblerone bar in my hand and scuttled away and I’ve felt bad ever since cuz I didn’t get him anything in return. The chocolate was really good though, and he’d better buy it for me this year. So I need to give him something as well.


What guys want: Sex, alcohol, and quality entertainment. Take your pick :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like with girls, tastes varies from person to person and the giving style of the individual making the gift. It also varies on how close you 2 are in your relationship, so details will be required to get an appropriate answer.

I was just waiting for someone to say something like that. :stuck_out_tongue: And let’s hope I hear no more.

Anyway well he likes games, but like I said, he seems to play more at his friend’s because he doesn’t have his own playstation. He’s addicted to coke (the drink) or was…and he really really likes art- drawing and the like, and digital animation. Ooo! I can buy art supples. But that seems kinda, I dunno. Womanish! Anyway, I’ll probably do that unless someone offers me a better suggestion. In my two years of knowing him I’ve never seen him wear anything other than windbreaker pants (except at graduation). Is it an insult to get a GC for a clothing store or something? I don’t know.

And he reminds me of napoleon dynamite for some reason. Good luck finding that movie, sigh.

If he likes drawing, I suggest maybe a anime drawing book. My friend collects them.

Let’s combine what you said and what Cro said: strip and tell him to draw. The end.

A sausage and cheese gift box. No man could hate it.

dude I’d buy and giftwrap that for myself. Fug dat shit.

Then frame that picture in your sig of the two strapping young men dueling with katanas, and put a bow on it.

To answer the title, guys want pootang.

Sins idea is also very nice and works.

On a serious note though, it also depends on how much money you are planning to spend. A gift certificate to his favorite store would work. If you get him a gift certificate to a place like Target, he has a good variety in what he wants. Best Buy is a also a good choice (but Target is still cheaper).

I’m giving that to Hades, ha ha ha.

That;s an electronic store, right? That’s such a good idea!! He’s always messing with stuff like that, in a very obsessive fashion. I could do that.

Best Buy is.

I second Info’s suggestion of a Best Buy gift certificate, but I offer my own idea as well.

Two Toblerone bars.

It a) lets him know that you remembered what he got you; b) it makes up for not getting him anything last year (whether he’s aware of it or not); and c) it’s yummy yummy chocolate.

Naturally, ignore this if he’s lactose intolerant or doesn’t like chocolate or if you decide that the gift certificate is better.

If there’s an art supply store around you, pick him up a nice hardback sketchbook. I bought one for myself a couple years ago for about $15…very nice stuff.

Also, I second what Cro and Sin said.

I second the sketchbook, the ‘sex/art’ combo gift, best buy giftcard.
You could also buy extra-large and extra-small condoms and switch them out, so that he feels really good about himself when the ‘extra-large’ doesn’t fit. Plus, condoms of any sort are the gift that keeps on giving.

i find that is so fucking gross as I imagine the scenario. hahahaha

With that in mind, I suggest an art book, preferably that features art in the style that he admires most. Try to descreetly find out what style he enjoys(if you don’t know already), and then look for some artists that paint/draw in that style. I’m sure if he draws then he would appreciate an art book; one artist’s painting is another artist’s inspiration.

I second Gila’s suggestion. Art stuff isn’t ‘womanish’, art’s got no gender.

Thats true, and I was kinda joking about that. Anyway yeah Gila you definately know what you’re talking about and I’ll keep that in mind.

Money, always a good gift. If not moeny, then a gift card to a store that dudes normally go in, whether it be sports or clothing or a game store.